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Streamline snow ops with Go iLawn & Aspire

The winter season is a challenge no matter how prepared you are. Unpredictable snow events, mountains of paperwork, staffing and scheduling issues, and managing subcontractors can all lead to confusion, missed sales opportunities, and late or missed job billing.

The good news is that prior planning and the right software systems can provide structure and organization so you’re prepared when a snow event hits. Cloud-based business management software like Aspire allows snow and ice contractors to execute jobs efficiently and effectively for clients. They can quickly and accurately estimate jobs, create and schedule work tickets, invoice seamlessly in a single system and leave behind the disorganization of using multiple systems.GIL_Aspire_Integration_Graphic_sync

Aspire takes the estimating process to another level with Go iLawn, a property intelligence solution that integrates directly into the Aspire platform. Acquired by Aspire in November 2021, Go iLawn allows contractors to measure job sites and develop detailed visual site maps using GIS technology, creating more accurate estimates.

Here’s how Go iLawn and Aspire can help you sell more and get a better handle on your snow operations this winter.


Selling snow services and renewals is easier when your clients understand exactly what services they’re buying. Site maps lay out the details for them so they’re comfortable with the work—and the professional and clear visual communicates that you’re a trusted expert who will take care of their job site.

CorporateSnowPlowingJob planning

There are many ways to clear snow but Go iLawn’s site mapping features provide clear visuals so contractors can determine the most efficient way to get the job done. The solution helps you grasp the key details of a job site to ensure you’re not missing any important information such as low clearances or narrow pathways. Snow contractors can use Go iLawn to complete other crucial site tasks, including:

  • Highlighting site hazards
  • Identifying directional cues for efficient snow clearing
  • Planning the entrances and exits of snow plows
  • Establishing the locations of snow piles on the property

Go iLawn’s Instant Estimator feature allows contractors to determine the materials and the type of equipment needed to complete the job, using preset production factors based on their actual labor rates.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 7.35.49 AMInsurance

Your snow site maps offer you a plan—but more than that, the plan can help you safeguard your top priority: the client’s property. Once you’ve completed your site map, you’ve got the information you need to clear a job site efficiently with the right tools and equipment, while protecting the client’s assets.

Labor management

The site map doesn’t just provide you and your client with the blueprint for the job, it allows you to communicate all the essential operational details to your crew members or subcontractors at a glance. And in the event of a last-minute schedule change, you can feel confident giving a new subcontractor or crew member this site map as well.

You can also share secure links to view-only, interactive site maps with Go iLawn’s ShareView, ensuring that your service details are clearly and professionally distributed, every time.

Go iLawn and Aspire communication

Once you’ve created your measurements and site map in Go iLawn, there’s no need for multiple data entries if you’re an Aspire user. You can import your measurements into Aspire with a single click. By integrating Go iLawn seamlessly into Aspire, users can take advantage of a faster, streamlined workflow.

The Aspire + Go iLawn difference

Go iLawn’s integration with Aspire provides a variety of benefits. If you’re a green industry contractor that handles both landscape and snow accounts, you can enable snow mode on properties with both services. This hides all your non-snow division details on the schedule board, subcontractor portal, and crew mobile, keeping your green and snow details separate.

 Users can easily schedule a variety of snow event types in Aspire and assign tickets to and communicate with subs in the subcontractor portal.

 Once the job is scheduled—contractors can finish the job strong with Aspire’s work ticket management system. Contractors can see open tickets at a glance and never forget to invoice a job.

The winter season can test even the strongest of processes, so don’t leave your snow management contracts to chance. Go iLawn and Aspire combine to create a seamless experience to sell and execute snow clearing services so you can win and service more profitable jobs in less time.


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