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Setting the Standard


Raising the Bar in Winter Management

As an approved American National Standards Institute standards developer, SIMA is committed to elevating the expectations for all commercial snow and ice management stakeholders to adhere to the highest standards.

ANSI Approved

Access the Standards

Through cooperation and adherence to standards and established best practices, snow and ice professionals, company owners and property/facility managers can come together to support safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable winter services.

safety standard cover

Safety Standard

  • Develop and prepare governing documents for company safety rules and procedures
  • Establish safety practices and conduct related to employees, shop/yard, chemicals and spills, sites and vehicle and equipment operations
  • Create a safety committee with diverse stakeholders
  • Establish, monitor and communicate safety rules and procedures
procurement standard

Procurement Standard

  • Adhere to general procurement guidelines, including contract terms, dates and subcontractor use
  • Understand descriptions and guidelines related to Level of Service requirements and Scope of Work recommendations
  • Establish guidelines for monitoring procedures and documentation

Get Involved!

Industry standards are developed by SIMA with governance from the Standards Development Committee (SDC), a group of industry stakeholders. Standards are written by assigned Stakeholder Advisory Groups, with final approval by the SDC and SIMA Board of Directors. Learn about the policies and standards activities.