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 Each episode of Snow Talk will feature snow and ice pros and industry stakeholders discussing trends, best practices, stories and more that impact the professional snow and ice community. Thanks for listening!



Episode 6: Winning the Snow Renewal and Sales Season

We're in the middle of renewal and sales season for winter services. Ramblin Jackson's Jack Jostes joins Snow Talk to discuss how to make it a successful one. Listen for these tips and more:
  • Renewals present challenges such as changes in point of contact and changes in snowfall, requiring proactive communication and customer feedback throughout the year.
  • Identifying 'hell yes' customers involves understanding demand, profitability, and passion, and tailoring marketing and sales strategies to attract and retain these ideal clients.
  • The RFP process benefits from clear definitions and exacting language, fostering trust and understanding between contractors and clients.
  • Maintaining relationships with clients throughout the year, not just during the renewal process, is crucial for successful sales and renewals.

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