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SIMA Video Training
New! All-Access Pass

A robust set of training resources
that can be applied to any organization, with no limit on the number of trainees and no logins required!

All access pass

Snow management simplified

Building a quality safety and training program for snow takes a lot of time and resources, until now! Use SIMA to verify basic knowledge of safety and techniques for all of your employees, available anywhere, anytime.

  • Access for all part-time or full time employees, no logins or registrations required
  • Automated quizzing and quiz completion reporting
  • Private web-based dashboard for entire company to access
  • Simplify snow training and verification for your team

All-Access pass will be provided in a custom delivery portal for participation companies.

  • Choose 3 videos- $1,000 annually
  • Choose 6 videos- $1,800 annually



Annual snow training video series

Training made easy


This video provides valuable training and advice for owners and operators of containment plows. This comprehensive look at containment plows covers:

  • Safety and strategic operations
  • Uses of a containment plow
  • Operator safety
  • Troubleshooting

This video concentrates on commercial snow removal operations. It assumes the operator has received basic training, know safety issues and has experience in clearing driveways and other properties. Learn more on:

  • Equipment & safety
  • Techniques & obstacles
  • Plow scenarios


Designed to introduce snowplow operators to basic snowplowing principles and general techniques, this video includes:

  • Pre-season checks
  • Transporting the plow
  • General plowing techniques


Sidewalk snow management is difficult and time consuming. This video helps highlight the key safety considerations and techniques needed to use shovels and snow blowers in clearing snow and ice from walkways. It includes:

  • Tips for dressing appropriately
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Shoveling techniques
  • Snowblower safety and techniques

This video walks through the process of planning and implementing a site engineering strategy, to increase safety and efficiency, and to identify key obstacles, priorities, and hazards prior to the snow season.

  • Key items to id on walkthroughs
  • Documentation tips
  • Overall review of site engineering


This video will appeal to supervisors, operators and estimators covering a wide range of topics which include site application, attachments, techniques, safety, training and preventive maintenance. Can be used as a recap or for beginners:

  • Skid Steer Safety
  • Equipment applications
  • Common mistakes
  • Tips & bidding help


Other ways to buy

 Currently we are also offering our training videos streaming-only at Train.sima.org. This provides log-in based access for one account to access 6 videos in English/Spanish, with the ability to quiz one person. You can download the quiz material and provide paper quizzing to more individuals.

Streaming Pricing


Streaming (all 6 videos) - 1 account/1year


$249 member / $299 non-member