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Interested in volunteering?

Volunteering should be rewarding

SIMA forms different groups throughout the year to help us maintain the highest professional standards. Our mission is to empower the snow and ice management industry for success by solving everyday issues.

To achieve these high standards, we do not utilize standard committees to manage work with volunteers. We want our volunteer opportunities to provide ample time for networking, and a sense of community. 
With that in mind, we hold 3-4 virtual networking/volunteer meetings per year. We call them Volunteer Focus Groups - if you are interested in participating in one, please visit our calendar of events.


Interested in learning about our Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors helps SIMA stay focused on the big picture, with a set of strategic outcomes and a robust governance structure to ensure accountability and dissuade conflicts of interest. Meet our Board of Directors.

Want to get more engaged as a volunteer?