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Balancing business
and nature

Environmentally conscious snow management requires commitment from all

Common Cause

Partnering for the future

SIMA believes that the use of deicing materials can be proactively managed to ensure that our fresh bodies of water and the ecological diversity they support can continue to thrive long term. To get this done, we need all stakeholders — snow contractors, their customers and subject matter experts — to work together for a common cause. 

How can this be achieved?

Perfect the practice - SIMA will continue to build and share standards, best practices, and training programs to help focus on reducing salt use without compromising safety and service.

Advocate for sensible policies - The snow and ice management industry is critical to the economy, and any government actions and policies must take into account the businesses that drive success. 

Take a science-first approach - Quality research will empower all stakeholders to understand the nuances of salt science and application and how they impact freshwater ecosystems, with an emphasis on mitigating the adverse effects of deicing chemicals on these precious resources.

Get Involved

Sustainable Salt Initiative

SIMA, WIT Advisers and Viaesys are working together to research application rates for snow professionals in real-world settings. This information will be coupled with other research to determine a helpful set of recommendations for salt applications that make business sense and proactively address environmental concerns associated with overapplication. 


How can SIMA help?

SIMA has developed several resources to inform and educate snow and ice professionals and other industry stakeholders on the importance of sustainability in snow and ice. Take advantage of these resources to empower your team to make better decisions and to educate your clients on how they can help make a positive impact:


Fundamentals of Anti-icing & Liquids Certificate program

This online certificate course provides in-depth knowledge on the science of liquids; spray system calibration and application rates; safety and environmental controls; sidewalk applications and more.


Deep Dive into Liquids
Business Strategy

SIMA's Training Center has several courses to help shape your business strategy, including selling and pricing liquids, fail-proofing your program, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.


Salt Application Oversight and Environmental Responsibility

This member webinar includes impacts of chloride contamination; regulatory initiatives; and how to reduce salt use without impacting service.


Sustainable Salt Use Best Practices

Use this guide as an informal salt use audit. It provides policies and activities that—when engaged together—can reduce salt output and increase the knowledge, and skill of the company.


Eutectic vs. Effective Temperatures

Prevent improper use or overapplication by understanding the difference between eutectic and effective temperatures and their role in ice management decision-making.


Sidewalk Winter
Maintenance / Begin with Brine

One way to reduce salt use is to transition to liquids — a great place to start that journey is on sidewalks. This resource is a solid training tool and refresher for sidewalk maintenance crew leaders and teams.


Want more info?

Connect with us

CEO Martin Tirado, CAE is the lead contact for salt sustainability.