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FISHER® XLS™ Expandable Wing Snowplow

FISHER XLSThe FISHER® XLS™—the only expandable plow with independent wing control and trip-edge protection—delivers a new level of versatility, efficiency, and performance. The XLS comes equipped with flared wings and is available in two blade sizes ranging from 8' retracted to 10’ expanded and 8'6" retracted to 11' expanded. Both blade sizes come in stainless steel and STORM GUARD™ powder-coated steel. Its wide scoop position carries more snow and fully angles to maximize handling and capacity when cornering or plowing around obstacles. For unmatched windrowing productivity, the leading wing angles forward to direct more snow into the moldboard to minimize spill off and effectively use the entire blade width. For more information regarding product features and available accessories, visit fisherplows.com or your local authorized FISHER dealer.

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