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Western Products PRODIGY™  Skid-Steer Snowplow

WESTERN® PRODIGY™ Skid-Steer SnowplowThe PRODIGY™ snowplow features patented wing technology that makes even novice snow plowers more productive. The automatic movement of the wings is ideal for skid-steer operation because it provides wing plow performance with no additional wiring or controls. The universal skid-steer mounting plate makes hook-up fast and easy. Simply align the mounting plate with the skid-steer u-plate, engage the pins, and you’re ready to plow. The PRODIGY skid-steer plow leverages the onboard hydraulic system of the skid-steer to lift and lower the blade for improved operator performance. It’s also available with an optional oscillating mount that provides six degrees of total side-to-side oscillation, helping improve scrape and cutting-edge wear while reducing damage to the terrain.

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