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June 20–23, 2017


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Looking for snow removal services? Pros know what it takes to deliver on-time clearance—from planning and materials, to teamwork and accountability. SIMA can help you find a professional that will service your facility safely and efficiently.

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talk-iconProcurement Timeline
The Best Practices in Snow Service Procurement: 52-Week Visual Timeline is available for download now, and is free to anyone. The timeline lays out a general schedule to help streamline the RFP and contract negotiation process for the industry.
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book-iconStandard Glossary of Terms
The Snow & Ice Management Standard Glossary of Terms is available for download now, and is free to anyone. The glossary defines a number of key terms used in professional snow & ice management services in North America.
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library-icon7f3d3ed15ec56052ba9bff0000d2ebfeThe SIMA Library

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Transportation trends

Autonomous cars and service vehicles and ride sharing are driving change in how people move in cities worldwide.


The White Shirts

Reaping rewards by being unexpectedly professional in an industry that has a reputation for not always being so.

SIMA Updatesspeaker-icon
  • Nominate a 2017 CEO of the Year

    Nominations for the 2017 Snow Business CEO of the Year award are open now! For the seventh consecutive year, we'll recognize a top snow contracting company executive. The nomination deadline is March 20, 2017.
  • Free online training course for members

    SIMA's online training course, The ULTIMATE Snow Account Manager, is available free for all members through February 28, 2017.
  • Congratulations to recent ASMs

    SIMA has awarded 931 course certificates in the Advanced Snow Management program, with 205 full ASMs since the program began in November 2013.
Best Practices

What makes a quality, professional snow management operation? Use this checklist to assess eight core areas.

Best practices

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