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SnowEx® AccuSpray™ VSS-2000 & VSS-3000 Liquid Sprayers

SNOWX_VSS3000Designed specifically for anti-icing applications, the AccuSpray™ VSS-2000 and VSS-3000 liquid sprayers are quiet, easy to maintain, and ideal for most truck applications. These sprayers are fully electric-powered to help contractors reduce salt usage while increasing their level of service. Boom functions are organized into three zones—middle, left, and right. The multi-zone control activates the center boom nozzles and the left and right curb spraying nozzles. An optional spot spraying wand with 100-foot hose allows for easy treatment of stairs, curbs, and hard-to-reach areas. The baffled tanks reduce the impact of liquid surges when stopping or turning to help prolong service life of your truck’s transmission, brakes, and other components. For more information, visit your local SnowEx dealer or snowexproducts.com.

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