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Is Your Business Winter Ready?

Be Prepared with AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service

Protect your business and team members by making the best weather-impacted decisions with AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, backed by forecasts and warnings with Superior Accuracy™. 

SWS Final


Make critical decisions, reduce risk with advance notice

AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service offers location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for snow, ice, blizzards, and other winter-hazard events. Whether five days or four hours of advance notice is desired, alert timing is completely customizable to you.

Confidently schedule team members and deploy materials 

Each forecast and warning provides insight into when to properly schedule personnel, clearings, and salt applications for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. And when the forecast changes, our expert meteorologists will let you know.

Features include:

  • Precise weather event start and end times
  • Total expected snow and ice accumulations
  • Specific changeover times for snow, ice, and rain
  • Hourly temperatures and wind conditions before, during, and after the storm
  • Post-storm weather conditions, including verified precipitation amounts

Ensure safety, save time and money with localized forecasts and  warnings 

Pinpoint-accurate warnings can help prevent business disruptions, protect your property and people, and avoid revenue loss. Each warning issued for your business is location-specific and tailored to your organization's custom snow and ice thresholds. 

See the complete operating picture with text and email notifications as well as access to the AccuWeather For Business Portal. The Portal maps out your locations and provides additional weather info such as hourly and daily forecasts, radar, and MinuteCast®.

Learn how Snow Warning Service can help you take the worry out of this winter by visiting sima.accuweather.com or contacting us at afb@accuweather.com.