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SIMA Standards Development

Policies, Procedures and Standards Activities

About & Scope

SIMA is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Accredited Standards Developer. These industry standards are developed by SIMA with governance from the Standards Development Committee (SDC), a group of industry stakeholders. Standards are written by assigned Stakeholder Advisory Groups, with final approval by the SDC and SIMA Board of Directors. View the Scope of Standards Activities.


These procedures are for use in the development of a recognized American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard. These procedures shall ensure established American National Standards developer requirements are followed. View the current Policies & Procedures.

Current Standards Activities

SIMA was approved as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer in August 2018. The Standards Development Committee (SDC) has met consistently in 2019 to learn the process and to determine which standards should be developed.

As new standards are released or existing standards revised, public review periods will be held so all industry stakeholders can review and provide comments. Information regarding current projects and comment periods are posted below. Please contact Standards Administrator, Ellen Lobello at Ellen@sima.org if you have any questions or would like to submit comments via email.

Standard Name Action Project Announcement Public Review Public Review Draft Public Review Comments Stakeholder Group
SIMA-10-2020: Standard Practice for Procuring and Planning Snow and Ice Management Services Project Completed View Project Announcement 11/8/2019 through 12/23/2019 Public review closed Comments closed View Stakeholder Group Members

Get Involved

SIMA is seeking volunteers to serve on Stakeholder Advisory Groups to write and develop standards. Individuals from each industry interest category will be selected to achieve a balanced stakeholder group for each standard. Duties include developing content assigned by the SDC, attending meetings, voting on proposed standards, and other matters outlined in the operating procedures. Complete the form if you are interested and SIMA will be in touch with more information. Complete the Standards volunteer form.

Contact Martin@sima.org or Ellen@sima.org for more information on SIMA Standards.