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Update Your Organization's Profile

Please update your organization's profile to take advantage of the new membership benefits available to SIMA members. The insert card (download here) we sent has tips to help you.

There are three things to do:

1 Login to your organization's account:

Go to and login.

After you log in, the important thing to realize is that you first click the link marked 'A' to access your organization's profile. After you've clicked your organization's link to select it, then click the 'Edit My Information' link to edit the organization's link.

Then, use the links marked with A and B on your card to see where to click to complete this step.

A - click here first, to work with the organization's Profile
B - click here second, to start making your profile updates

2 Update the organization's profile:

When you click on 'B' as instructed, you'll access your organization's profile. Please answer the new questions and make updates where needed to any previously answered questions.

You want to ensure this information is current, as it powers 'Find a Member' on

3 Update contacts:

Please make sure that this list of contacts is current so that we can distribute training benefits associated with your SIMA membership to everyone on your team.

If there are people in your organization who are not listed here, please add them as contacts.

If there are people listed who are no longer with your organization, please click 'change relationship' to add an "end date" for them — don't worry if it isn't precisely correct. That said, if the actual end date is available, that's great!

Remember, please don't "delete" any contacts. Why is this important? Here's one example: say you have a sub-contractor who worked with you in 2015 in the system, but you don't expect them to be available in 2016.

You wouldn't want to have membership benefits distributed to that person in 2016 – but in 2017, you might want to add them back. If you delete them, there won't be a record of any of their past activities. If you simply change their end date, you can pick up where you left off.

That's it! We appreciate your help with this critical update.

To receive your coupon for a free Training Center course ($69 value), please complete your updates by February 15th, 2017.

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