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Join us every Wednesday for a FREE webinar

Block out time on your calendar for SIMA and its subject matter experts this fall to participate in our Webinar Wednesday event. Every other week at 12 pm EST, we’ll talk about key business or operational topics that will help you build stronger snow businesses.

Every webinar is free for SIMA members and qualifies for 2 CSP credits. If you cannot attend the live version,
a recording will be emailed out after the webinar to all who registered.

The 3 Keys to Getting Out of the Day-to-Day in Your Trades Business

September 11

Benji Carlson, Breakthrough Academy

Most business owners are experts in their field but often lack the people and systems required to grow their business to its full potential. In this webinar, we’ll cover the three most important aspects of creating a business that fulfills your vision and runs like a well-oiled machine without your constant involvement. You’ll leave with the tools and insights to develop a highly effective organization, including:

  • The unusual planning methodology that will align your staff toward one common goal
  • A proven system for recruiting top talent
  • A defined process to track your numbers on every job and control how much profit you will make this year

BONUS: You’ll get the forms and templates we’ve used to profitably scale nationwide trades businesses.

Prospecting / Finding Good Snow Leads

September 25

Pete Ducusin, LMN

This webinar will cover what questions a good snow contractor should ask as well as what to look for in a good snow prospect. Contractors should have:

  • An ideal market segment to ensure you’re selling efficiently and not pursuing every lead
  • In-field intel on opportunities to capture clients
  • Established contract types to diversify your portfolio
  • A sales process/funnel
  • How much it costs to close a job

Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity

October 2

Benji Carlson, Breakthrough Academy

We’re bringing back Breakthrough Academy for one of our most popular sessions at the June Symposium. If you missed the session or just want a refresher on this key strategy, this webinar is for you.

Creating an aligned and defined organizational structure is a key component of running a profitable and scalable business. Having all of your staff operating with a clear role, goals, and deliverables is the foundation for productivity and success. In this webinar, we will cover the proven framework for creating defined job descriptions that will allow everyone in your organization to operate with a clear goal and accountability to their supervisor.

This session includes:.

  • A defined Organizational Structure outlining all of the roles you will need in your company in order to achieve your goals
  • Job Descriptions for your staff that define each of their deliverables, all methodically leading towards your business achieving its annual goal
  • A week-by-week sales and production plan that aligns with your year-end goal, and a system to monitor actual results throughout the year
  • Access to forms and templates to help you with your organizational structure

Smart about Sidewalks

October 16

Mike Voories, CSP, Brilar

Are you pricing your sidewalk work correctly? This webinar will show attendees how to measure accurately and calculate production rates for better profitability. Working smarter on sidewalks with new products and technology, including the use of equipment and targeted liquid applications, will also be covered.

Standard Operating Procedures in Snow & Ice

October 30

Chris Boucher, The Silvis Group

Successful winter operations will go more smoothly if you have documented processes and procedures in place. As important as having SOPs in place is training your team on them to ensure effective and efficient snow operations that will meet and exceed your clients' expectations. Chris Boucher of The Silvis Group will walk through how to establish SOPs in key areas, including labor, equipment, billing, communication, dispatch and more.

Anti-Icing and Liquids Applications

November 13

Diana Clonch, DW Clonch LLC & Scott Zorno, CSP, HighCountry Spray Systems

Take some time to walk through some of the core knowledge needed to make better anti-icing decisions with solids and liquids, including some of the major weather factors that could cause anti-icing to fail. Learn about liquids application methods and rates specific to parking lots, with tips for contractors on efficiency and simplicity.