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Field Operations Deep Dive

Join us October 9–10 in Princeton Junction, NJ for two days of intensive training

Day 1: Field Training | Day 2: Leadership



Registration / Breakfast

7:30-8:30 am

Hit the refresh with Angela Cenzalli, B-Mentors Consulting & Wellness Group

8:30 am

Angela Cenzalli, B-Mentors Consulting & Wellness Group

Whether you’ve been plowing 30 years or 30 days, it never hurts to brush up on best practices to ensure you’re being safe in the field. Catch up on PPE, health/wellness, rest, distracted driving and more.


Do the right thing with Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM // WIT Advisers

9 am

Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM // WIT Advisers

Your company, clients and team rely on operators to be safe, productive and efficient while servicing sites. But being productive doesn’t mean cutting corners. Using video and experiential learning, attendees will learn plowing and training techniques they can take back and share with other team members.


Verify and document — it matters! With Stephanie Sauers, CSP and Joe Sauers, ASM // Sauers Snow Management

10 am

Joe Sauers, ASM Stephanie Sauers, CSP
You might think it’s a pain but field operators must be sticklers when completing the service verification and documentation tasks. This session will focus on why it matters and provide examples that show how failure to manage the details can prove costly.


Communication and conflict management with Kent Kohn // WIT Advisers Affiliate

11 am

Kent Kohn // WIT Advisers Affiliate

In today’s smartphone age, face-to-face communication is becoming a lost art; but this skill is important — especially for field teams who must be able to speak effectively with their teammates, their bosses, clients and even the general public. What you say and how you say it is key to ensuring tempers don’t flare, the job gets done and the client is satisfied.



11:45 am - 12:15 pm

Site hazard analysis

12:30 pm

Attendees will participate in a field exercise to simulate a hazard analysis that should be done as part of the site engineering process and then throughout the winter as conditions change and the snow piles up.

Field operations training experience

1:30-4:30 pm

Attendees will rotate through four stations designed to reinforce the importance of safe, efficient and quality field operations:

  • Plows/Spreaders // Training points include conducting proper safety walkarounds, proper plow attach/detach, and how to safely secure a spreader
  • Calibration // Learn how to calculate application rates and then calibrate the spreader
  • Sidewalks // Brush up on safe shoveling techniques, safety and PPE requirements and sidewalk clearing standards and best practices
  • Train the trainer // Ridealong training can be a great way to empower your experienced team members to teach the new guys. We’ll hop in the truck and show how to make this an effective training tool.

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