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Build a Stronger Workforce

ASM: Empower snow professionals to train key personnel to become safer, more efficient and more skilled.





The ASM program has four courses, and participants who complete them all will receive the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) designation. Start with ‘Core Principles’ (a prerequisite), and complete the others in any order.

Two ways to get started

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Engage and Retain

Finding good people is hard—keeping them is harder.

Up to 45% of people leave their job because they don’t see the opportunity to advance. [source: LinkedIn Survey - Why and how people Change Jobs, 2015]

Help employees learn and grow with serious snow training:

  • Developed with snow professionals from across the US and Canada.
  • Impactful courses use video, images, diagrams, and quizzes.
  • Designed in alignment with professional training best practices.
  • Accessible 24/7 as self-guided online training courses.

BONUS: New Advanced Snow Managers get access to the ASM Training Handbook

ASM Training Handbook

Help employees learn and grow with serious snow training:

Advanced Snow Management—Core Principles

Advanced Snow Management—Ice Management

Advanced Snow Management—Plowing Operations

Advanced Snow Management—Sidewalk Operations

Start your ASM journey

Option 1

Buy Online, Anytime

Start online anytime with the online course catalog for ASM and purchase individual ASM courses.

Best for individuals who want to go through courses one at a time.

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Option 2

Build a Team Plan

Save money when training more than one person and SIMA will handle account management and setup for your team.

Save between 10-30% on the program. Contact to get started!

Build a Team Plan

Questions? Get in touch with Chris at He can help!

Our commitment to members

For use toward ASM or CSP training, the $200 Annual Training Commitment is available each year you renew - use it yourself or award it to an individual employee. Request it now or we can add it to your Team Plan when you discuss with us!

Want more detail?
Download our Advanced Snow Management Guide

Advanced Snow Management Guide