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Download the 20th Annual Speaker Handbook for everything you need to know to prepare for your session. The document includes important deadlines, a PPT template, tips, onsite information and much more! 


Please upload your presentation or outline by the May 22nd deadline.
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SIMA will add a PDF of your slides and any handouts you provide to the Attendee Resource Center. Attendees will have access before, during and after the show. We understand some information should not be made available online. You can edit your PowerPoint and save as a PDF version without any slides you don't want attendees to have access to.

For PowerPoints, to save as a PDF please do the following so speaker PDFs are consistent:

1. Select File and Save As
2. Save as type: PDF 
3. Then select Options (which appears under "Save as type")
4. Under Publish What, select Handouts
5. Slides per page: 1
6. IMPORTANT: Now under Publish What, select Slides (Slides per page should still appear as 1)
7. Select OK and Save
8. Upload PDF here

Here is an example of the Attendee Resource Center from last year.

Presentation PDF
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Handout (not required)
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Please review what is included in each room before filling out this form. If you have additional needs, please request them here.  Sound amplification for laptop is necessary if you will be playing any audio from your laptop that needs to go through the speakers. SIMA is not supplying internet unless you need and request it here.  If you don't have internet in for your session but will be playing videos, please make sure the audio can be played from your laptop. 

Check your additional audiovisual needs here: