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feb issue

Our February issue features annual Snow & Ice Symposium coverage. This month’s cover subject – Sig-Nature in Laval, Quebec, is our featured cover story. The company, led by Jean-Luc Sigouin, will also be the preconference facility tour so we’re giving you a preview of this $10 million operation and how they approach snow. Also part of our Symposium coverage is a quick look at some of the changes that will take place at this year’s show — the 20th anniversary! A full brochure is included and registration is open here.

Other features in the issue include:

  • Personal development
  • Niche market: Medical facilities
  • Importance of professionalism
  • Mid-season checkups
  • Phone system best practices
  • Plows and pushers
  • A cool look at a collection of miniature snow equipment