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VSI Tech Talk

From the 23rd Virtual Symposium

Test Drive

Test Drive: BOSS

Test drive the latest from BOSS.


Do the right thing

Principles of professionalism: Why they matter.

Operations > Planning

Snow Maintenance Processes and Training

Outdoor Pride Landscaping of Manchester, NH discusses how they take a data-driven approach to their processes and training.

Operations > Planning

Necessary Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

In this video, Outdoor Pride Landscaping of Manchester, NH shares items to keep in your snow and ice management vehicle to keep operations running smoothly.

Ice Management > Chemicals & Equipment

Brine delivery and application

Elbers Landscape Service, Inc. shares their brine delivery system and the three ways they apply brine to sites.

Ice Management > Chemicals & Equipment

Brine creation and storage

Elbers Landscape Service, Inc. shares their brine creation and storage strategy, including planning for growth and proper equipment and materials.

Operations > Equipment

Basic Plow Fundamentals

In this video, Akehurst Landscape Service, Inc. of Joppa, MD demonstrates and provides tips on how to operate a v-plow.

Operations > Equipment

Purchasing equipment for year-round use

Akehurst Landscape Service, Inc. of Joppa, MD shares tips for purchasing equipment that can be used year-round for both landscape and snow seasons.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Company branding - Grass Groomers

Justin & Zach Boren of Grass Groomers in Columbus, OH share their thoughts on company branding and culture.


Cover Interview - Charles Glossop, CSP

Charles Glossop, CSP of Hantho Farms shares thoughts on changes and challenges in the snow industry over the last 35 years.

Operations > Equipment

Federal regulations for snow equipment

Review the importance of following federal regulations mandated for trucks and equipment used in snow removal.

Operations > Planning

Snow removal site visit

Join 2 SIMA members on a site visit as they review obstacles, engineering, and staging of a mixed-use retail complex.

Operations > Equipment

Truck washing post storm

View a demonstration video on how to effectively wash and maintain snow equipment post storm.

Operations > Equipment

Performing a tool box talk/circle check

View a video on how to perform a pre-trip safety inspection on a truck and plow, including checking the plow, lights, tires, signs of damage, and more.

Operations > Equipment

Backing up vehicles safely

View 5 important tips for backing up vehicles safely, including properly equipping your vehicle and using mirrors correctly.

Ice Management > Deicing

Salt usage and ice control tips

Dale Keep discusses tips for reducing salt and maintaining service levels.