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23rd Annual Snow & Ice SymposiumRegistration opens February
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Tech Talks

Tech Talks are back on the trade show floor. Eight subject matter experts will present 30-minute sessions on a key topic directly affecting field operations. If you like what you hear and want to learn more, visit the presenters at their booths.

Thursday, June 27

Doug Clark, CSP, Western Products

Doug Clark, CSPLED headlights are increasingly in vogue in snow and ice. While useful, they possess certain unique characteristics, such as heat management, that purchasers must be aware of. This talk will cover the basics of how LED headlights work, why they offer unique benefits and what concerns a user needs to take into account. This will include ensuring compliance with FMVSS 108, “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment” as well as technical integration into vehicle platforms. Unique issues related to the use of LED headlights will also be discussed.

Dave Voigt, VSI

Dave VoigtAttendees will walk through the proper steps to implement liquids into their snow business. This will include the science behind liquids, why they work and when they may not work as well, and application rates and techniques. He will also discuss the benefits of using a proper liquids program to help contractors understand the process and then market their program to current and prospective clients. Finally, he’ll touch on creating efficient brine production operations and sourcing the right materials to avoid costly mistakes.

Tyler Jones,Fisher Engineering

Tyler JonesAre you interested in making changes to your operation? Increase efficiency? Perhaps looking to expand the breadth of service to your customer base? This chat will highlight many of the benefits and also touch on a few challenges associated with using medium-duty trucks for snow and ice control.

Mike Rorie, GIS Dynamics

Mike RorieStrong systems-driven companies enjoy five major advantages over their competitors. Mike will explain these advantages and how you can achieve them by implementing repeatable, scalable systems at your snow removal company. This talk will provide the path to stop guessing and start knowing what systems you need to achieve your goals. It offers a way for your business to become less reliant on people. And it helps you use a systems mindset to be more proactive instead of reactive when facing business challenges and planning for your future.

Seth Bergerud, Douglas Dynamics

Seth BergerudEvery day equipment owners, maintenance departments, and technicians make decisions about the type of service parts they use based on many variables; but all too often price is the dominant one. Many decide to buy aftermarket components to save money and don’t always consider the risk to uptime in a time sensitive industry or the risk to long-term equipment resale value. Attendees will learn about some of the trade offs that should be considered in service part sourcing decisions beyond price.

Friday, June 28

Pam Buckley, SnowEx Deicing Solutions

Pam BuckleyLearn more about the big three: sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides. From their melting speeds and capacities, to application rate decisions, a lot goes in to the art of achieving your service goals. In addition, this session will look at blending products, including balancing cost, performance goals and the impact on the environment.

Marty Emnett, Winter Equipment

Marty EmnettUtilizing the proper cutting edge can drastically increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and directly affect your company’s bottom line.

Greg Lawrie, Pro Fleet Care

Greg LawrieRust is not selective – moisture and salt will find their way into almost every area of your equipment. This session will present the types of products and processes being sold in the market and how fleet owners can develop a successful rust control program allowing them to save money, maintain equipment value while presenting a rust-free image to the marketplace.