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New Product Pavilion Entry Form


The New Product Pavilion will be housed on the Trade Show Floor from Thursday, June 28th to Friday, June 29th.  A product on display in the pavilion is FREE and only available to 2018 Symposium Exhibitors.


  • New Products must be newly introduced (within the past year) and have not been displayed at an Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in the past
  • The product must be available for sale in the US and/or Canada by the fall of 2018


  • Submit your New Product by April 9th, 2018
  • A committee will review your submission to guarantee it is, in fact, a new product
  • Pavilion acceptance will be announced by May 4th, 2018

At this time, each company can only have one (1) product in the New Product Pavilion.  You are free to submit multiple submissions per company, but then it will be up to the Committee to determine which they approve for the pavilion.