Sponsor Opportunities
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Sponsor Opportunities

2016 Sponsorship Opportunities

Coming soon.

2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

Web Advertising: SIMA and Snow Business offer many opportunities to spread your message via the web, email, and social networks. Our advertising platforms include:  http://sima.org/ and http://goplow.com.

SIMA Social: SIMA is active on LinkedIn and Facebook, and many sponsorship and advertising opportunities get exposure on these social networks, increasing your reach and ability to connect with your current and potential customers.

SIMA Resource 24/7 Training Center:
In 2012, SIMA launched Resource 24/7, an online training platform that allows SIMA members and industry professionals to access over 20 educational seminars and training videos for low cost, from the comfort of their homes and offices. In addition, all of SIMA's downloadable documents, forms, and template contracts are available, creating a simple, easy stop for snow contractors who want to improve their businesses. Become a sponsor of www.sima.org/resources today by contacting Brian@sima.org
SIMA Webinars: Each year, SIMA coordinates up to four webinars on important industry topics. These webinars are attended in a live setting, then recorded and archived, available in SIMA's digital library for years. This is a great opportunity to support SIMA education and get extensive exposure before, during, and after the online event.

View all available sponsorship & advertising opportunities here.

If you have questions about sponsorships or are interested in something not listed, contact Heather Carew at Heather@sima.org or 414-375-1940.