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23rd Annual Snow & Ice SymposiumRegistration opens February

Exhibitor Resources

SIMA is excited to work with you as an exhibitor for the 22nd Annual Snow & Ice Symposium! This web page should provide most of the information you will need to order booth materials, set deadlines, and have a great show with us.

In order to have a positive move in/out, installation and show, please read through all of the following information very carefully, as there are several items that must be accomplished prior to your arrival in Grand Rapids.

Booth Basics

Exhibitor Needs Survey

To confirm your specific booth needs, please login* and complete our Exhibitor Needs Survey asap.

*Refer to your monthly Exhibitor Update emails to retrieve your login information.  

By completing this survey, we'll have an accurate account of your furnishing needs & description for SIMA's Interactive Floor Plan.


Paramount Convention Services (PCS) is proudly serving again as the exhibitor service provider. Exhibitor Kit now available!

Show Colors: Royal Blue and white
Each purchased booth is equipped with:
8’ high back wall drape, 3’ side dividers, (1) 6’ skirted table, (2) padded side chairs, (1) wastebasket, and a booth identification sign showing the company name.

Additional equipment, including carpeting, internet, A/V, and material handling can be ordered through the exhibitor service kit.

Certified Weight Tickets: All uncrated/unskidded machinery equipment MUST have a certified weight ticket prior to arriving at the DeVos Place.

Oversized Truck/Trailer Parking:
If you will need to park a large trailer or semi-truck/trailer during the length of the show, see 'Parking Section' below.

If you have questions regarding move-in/move-out, installation & dismantling or questions about booth ordering, please email Leigh Everett or call 314-621-6677 (CST).

Lead Retrieval

Each active SIMA member will receive one (1) Lead Retrieval device to use throughout the duration of the show.  Be sure to confirm your interest by filling out our Exhibitor Needs Survey

Additional units can be purchased at anytime. Contact Heather Carew for more.


Vehicles able to park in the parking garage should do so. Parking options located around the DeVos Place can be found here.  

Parking options for oversized trailers and box trucks
See map of available locations

Booth Sales

Exhibitors are allowed to 'sell' during the show, provided that they follow the MITax laws. 

Review the Michigan Department of Treasury website here.  Other helpful links include Michigan Business Taxes Guide and Concessionaires Sales Tax Return.

Security Personnel

SIMA will be providing security for the trade show hall during non-trade show hours, beginning at 5 pm on Monday, June 24th. 

Please note that there will not be a security guard in the loading dock area, so any materials should be accompanied by a member of your team to ensure security of your property.

Show Contacts & Order Forms




General Exhibitor Questions
Sponsorship Interest
New Product Innovation Tour
Tech Talk Registration

Heather Carew, SIMA
414-375-1940 (CST)

Booth Billing
Registration Questions
Insurance Certificates

Aimee Krzywicki, SIMA
414-375-1940 (CST)

"Symposium Xtra" Advertising Interest

Ali Blasko, SIMA / Snow Business
216-780-3191 (EST)

Booth orders (furnishings)
Booth Cleaning
Shipping, material & machinery handling

Leigh Everett, Paramount
314-621-6677 (CST)


DeVos Place
616-742-6534 (EST)

Audio Visual

BLUEWATER Technologies
616-742-6641 (EST)

Sign Hanging/Rigging

Art Craft Display Inc.
616-791-8024 (EST)

Exhibitor Schedule

  • Tuesday, June 25th

  • Wednesday, June 26th

  • Thursday, June 27th

  • Friday, June 28th


March 1, 2019
Booth payments made in full

Any contracts received after this date will be required to submit payment in full before a booth is assigned

April 5, 2019
Certificate of Insurance DUE to the SIMA Office

All exhibitors must provide SIMA with a Certificate of Insurance, naming SIMA as additional insured on your general liability or umbrella policy with a minimum of $1 million of coverage - listing  the dates of the show (June 24-28, 2019) by April 5, 2019. Please have your insurance agent fax the certificate to SIMA at 414-375-1945, email to Aimee Kryzwicki, or mail to the SIMA Office at 10140 N. Pt. Washington Rd., Milwaukee, WI  53092.

Please ensure that the coverage lasts through June 28th, 2019!

Note, if you'd prefer to fill out an insurance waiver, find it here for download.

April 5, 2019
Tech Talk Interest 

This year we’re bringing a series of Tech Talks to the trade show floor that will be presented by a supplier with expertise on that topic. If you would like to participate, read all program information and apply today.

May 1, 2019
Innovation Tour Submission 

If you have a new product or are a new exhibitor and would like it to be displayed as part of our Innovation Tour, read all submission requirements and submit your product today

May 9, 2019
Product Spotlight for June Snow Business  

To participate, submit a 50- to 75-word product feature along with a high-resolution image here

June 1, 2019
Advanced Orders: Sign Hanging

Order with Art Craft Display

June 4, 2019
Host & Overflow Hotel Symposium Rate Deadline

Room block information will be available once Name Badges have been secured.  Click here to register today and reservation information will be included in your confirmation email.

See WARNING above about potential Room Poachers!

June 10, 2019
Advanced Orders: Carpet, Furniture, Material Handling, Booth Cleaning

June 10, 2019
Advanced Orders: AV

June 14, 2019
Advanced Orders: Electric, Internet

Order with DeVos Place

June 17, 2019
Advanced Receiving Warehouse

If you are shipping to the advanced receiving warehouse, packages must be received by this date.  If not, a surcharge will incur (see below).

June 19, 2019
Name Badge Pre-Registration Deadline

Exhibitors must register for name badges prior to the show (see exhibitor emails for log-in information). All representatives at your booth must have a SIMA issued name badge to be allowed access to the exhibit hall.

Each exhibiting company will receive ten (10) trade show only badges at a $0 IF requested prior to 6/19/19. These badges are 'trade show only' and allow access to the exhibit floor only. Full registrations & ticketed events to the Awards Banquet and Closing Reception can also be purchased, if desired. All representatives from your company, provided that they have a name badge, are welcome to attend the Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening!

For registrations of more than 10 people, let SIMA help with the registration process. Please download this form, fill it out, and submit back to

Installation Times ONLY
Direct shipments to the DeVos Place

Shipments after the Advance Shipment Deadline (6/18/2019) will only be accepted during exhibitor installation times (see move in times); if your shipment arrives outside of those installation times, you will be subject to a 25% surcharge on your shipment and/or your shipment may be refused by the convention center

Onsite Name Badge Registration
Any name badges requested onsite will incur a fee

Consider registering prior to 6/19/2019 for ease and to save!



VIP Trade Show Passes

VIP Pass

Tell your customers where you’ll be in June 2019! SIMA is offering complimentary VIP trade show passes for exhibitors to distribute to their customers. These electronic passes allow access to the trade show floor of the Symposium only at a discounted rate of $0 (regular $35 USD).

To send: copy the text in an email, add the special URL - - and send to your customers!

Deadline: 5pm on June 20th.  No onsite VIP passes will be accepted.

Text: Join us in Grand Rapids this June!  As a valued customer, we're happy to extend a complimentary VIP trade show pass to you for entrance into the 22nd Annual Snow & Ice Symposium.  To register, simply fill out the form at and press submit.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sponsorship Opportunities


Get your company noticed on and off the Trade Show Floor with a 2019 Symposium Sponsorship.  Great options are still available including: Craft Beer/Keg sponsorship, Event App sponsorship, and Button sponsorship! Don't delay, finalize your sponsorship opportunity today.

To see all available sponsorship opportunities, click here; contact Heather Carew with questions or interest.

Event Images


Tell your current and potential clients where you'll be this June!  Grab one of SIMA's symposium marketing images for web, social and print (see links to the right).  Be sure to hyperlink images to our show website:

Click here for available images.  If you need assistance, please contact Heather Carew

Product Spotlight Opportunities


All exhibitors can submit a product spotlight to be included in the June issues of Snow Business MagazineComplete your submission here by May 9th.

Have a new product?
See below 2019 opportunities.

Exhibitor Door Prize Policy & Publicity

Door Prize

Each SIMA exhibiting company is welcomed and encouraged to run door prize programs at their booth. SIMA will feature a list of exhibitors offering door prizes in the Symposium Xtra publication, provided to all show attendees. To be included on this list, please email your company name, booth number and a short description (50 words or less) of the door prize to Heather Carew by April 20, 2019.

Exhibiting company is fully-responsible for administering their own door prize program. SIMA is not responsible for administering any part of an exhibitor-run door prize program during or after the Symposium including, but not limited to, verbal announcements of winners, and delivery of prizes.

1-on-1 Customer Meetings


Through an online management tool, customers can set-up a special 25-minute meeting with you outside of normal trade show hours. Give these customers the time and commitment they need to help make the sale. Meetings can be held at your booth or the SIMA booth on the show floor.

1:1 Meeting page available May 1st.

If you didn't express interest via the Exhibitor Needs Survey and are interested in being added to the list, email Heather Carew your name, email, and cell number by June 15th.

New & Improved

Consider participating in one or both of these offerings for 2019: New Product Innovation Tour and Tech Talks.
Please read below for more information on each item.

    tech talks

Bringing Education to the Show Floor

Our trade show exhibitors don’t just make products that make your work easier and more efficient. They’re also subject matter experts on topics related to their products. This year we’re bringing a series of Tech Talks to the trade show that will be presented by a supplier with expertise on that topic. These will not be product specific but rather will educate attendees on the topic at hand and then encourage you to seek out those exhibitors who may have products that will fill that need. See program details, below.


Showcasing Whats New

Year after year, attendees express that one of their favorite things about the Symposium is learning about all the new products available.  Updated from past year’s pavilion, SIMA will promote all New Products via our “Innovation Tour” in 2019.  This tour of new products will be displayed via onsite signage, in our Event App, and as a special section in the Symposium Xtra magazine. Review program details, below.  A product on display in this tour is FREE and only available to 2019 Symposium Exhibitors.