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23rd Annual Snow & Ice Symposium
SIMA Symposium-The Best Show in Snow


2020 education’s focus? Role-centered growth that
will take you and your company to the next level.

Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote

Dan Thurmon

Wednesday, June 17

Off Balance On Purpose

Sponsored by Case Construction Equipment

A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace change but see it as an opportunity to lead.

Dan ThurmonDan Thurmon believes the reason that people struggle with change is they think they have to compartmentalize their life and keep everything in balance. But what if we lived off balance on purpose? What if instead of resisting uncertainty, we leaned into it? And what if rather than bringing our “work-self” to the office or the field, we brought 100% of who we are?

In this keynote, Thurmon delivers an interactive performance while giving attendees a multi-dimensional view of success. Attendees will:

  • Learn to take ACTION when it is uncomfortable.
  • Manage energy and time more effectively.
  • Adopt an “off balance on purpose” approach as a realistic and empowering way to excel at work and life.

Off Balance On PurposeDan will be available to sign his book “Off Balance on Purpose” following his presentation. All proceeds benefit the Alan Steiman Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance and full complimentary registration and travel stipend to a first-time attendee.

Closing Keynote

Dennis Moseley-Williams

Friday, June 19

Get Rewarded for Being Awesome:
Master the Experience Economy

Sponsored Fisher, SnowEx, and Western Products

We hear it all the time in snow and ice management — “What’s your differentiator?” The only unique competitive advantage is the exceptional experience a business can create for their clients.

Dennis Moseley-Williams
Goods and services are everywhere being commoditized. What consumers want today are experiences — memorable events that engage each client in an inherently personal way. Businesses must therefore embrace the principles of the Experience Economy to stage ever more engaging experiences.

A certified expert in the Experience Economy, Dennis Moseley-Williams will demonstrate ways in which experiences can be crafted and staged so that they entice, educate, satisfy and transform and share. He will take attendees through those principles that matter the most for your business and how to create greater economic value for your customers.

Full Schedule


10 workshops and in-depth, peer-led interactions focus
on building knowledge for all snow and ice roles

Wednesday, June 17 
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.


Featuring Alison Hoffman, The Harvester Group

Allison Hoffman SESSION #1 // 10-11:30am // What is my business worth?
One way to measure how much a business is worth is to find out what buyers will pay. In this session you will learn about buyers’ key value drivers through a hands-on exercise using your own financial statements. Hoffman will help each attendee score themselves and get a rough estimate of their company’s value. Participants are encouraged to bring a summary of the last three years of their financial reports (income statement, P&L statement and balance sheet), to complete the exercise (numbers will not be shared with others).

SESSION #2 // 1:15-2:45pm // How Can I Grow The Value of My Business?
Attendees will identify the top value-creating areas to be considered for strategic planning and will use a model to evaluate their own businesses. We will project the results of the items we’ve selected and determine how value has been added (or destroyed) by the owner/executive team’s decisions. Participants will leave with tools to evaluate investment opportunities in their own businesses. This session can be attended as a standalone for new participants but is intended to be a deeper dive into the results of the “What’s My Business Worth?” session. The buyer’s key value drivers identified in that session will give participants the perspective of being an investor in their own businesses.

Featuring Jones Loflin, Consultant

Jones LoflinSESSION #1 // 10-11:30am // Growing Your Talent
Whether you’ve been leading for two days or two decades, this session will help attendees tackle a common leadership challenge: How to successfully motivate, develop, and empower a diverse group of people to work together and achieve remarkable results. Using an analogy from his book “Always Growing,” Jones will share the four components to growing your talent:

  • Letting something grow on its own is not wise
  • Determining what a plant needs is critical to optimum growth
  • Pruning is sometimes necessary to minimize undesirable outcomes
  • Harvesting is much more than reaching the intended goal

SESSION #2 // 1:15-2:45pm // Talk Your Way to a Stronger Team
In today’s technology-driven, fast-paced work environments, it’s so easy to forget the human element that is the key to building cohesive teams. We’ve become so busy trying to get work done that we sometimes neglect to invest time in fostering healthy work environments that help each team member deliver their best work. Our ability and willingness to listen is limited, we take a “one size fits all” approach to communication, and we rarely think about how to build a higher degree of trust with others using our words.

In this program, you will explore the significant impact your personality can have on how you communicate with others. Learn what it means to be an “aggressive listener,” hearing both the content and intent of the words spoken by others. You’ll also discover the negative power of “trigger words” and how to reduce them in conversations with team members. Expect to gain fresh insights on how to motivate individuals across all generations with your words. Most importantly, you will leave better equipped to express your own thoughts with greater clarity, confidence, and competence to those around you.

GET THE BOOK: Jones will sign copies of his book “Always Growing” after the workshops. All proceeds will benefit the Alan Steiman Scholarship Fund.


Is your team ready for the storm?

Angela Cenzalli, CSP, ASM, B-Mentors Consulting & Wellness Group

Angela Cenzalli, CSP, ASMYour field teams are your greatest asset when the snow is flying. Make sure they can be successful by keeping them safe, alert and prepared before, during and after the event. This session will cover the steps all field teams should take to be prepared for winter’s worst. Topics will include nutrition, rest, PPE, communications, site hazard analysis, understanding and executing the contracted level of service, service verification and more.

Not Every Site is Created Equal

Gamy Rivera, ASM, The NIRO Companies

Gamy Rivera, ASMDifferent property types require unique approaches to service & care. Understanding cycle times, labor/equipment allocation, client communication, site complexities, etc. & how they play into service delivery will all allow operations teams to be efficient, reduce waste & improve customer satisfaction. Your approach to executing level of service for a class A office complex will be very different from a distribution center, HOA or retail. This workshop would look at intricacies from a field operations management perspective on what factors need to be considered & properly communicated to the team members delivering the service.

Know Your Numbers: Estimating

Mike Voories, CSP, Brilar Inc.

Mike Voories, CSPSnow management estimating can be challenging. Many variables can have a major impact on the amount of time and materials it takes to accomplish the work on a site. This workshop works through the building blocks needed to create an estimating process that truly understands client needs, site complexities, timing, weather variability and more.

Know Your Numbers: Job Costing

Eric Haugen, Landcare Management

Eric HaugenJob costing is essential to being able to create a competitive price. If you don’t know exactly how much it costs to perform the services you’re taking to market you may be leaving money on the table — or agreeing to contracts that could leave you in a hole that you may not be able to dig yourself out of. This session will look at the key metrics that need to be collected and measured and how technology can ease the process.

Know Your Numbers: Sales

Jonathan Crandall, CSP, JC Grounds Management

Jonathan Crandall, CSPEstablishing a sales process rooted in key performance indicators can help any sales person — whether it’s your sole focus or you wear many hats in your snow company. Jon is passionate about sales and will discuss the importance of how to build a process that includes how to:

  • Select a target demographic that is exactly what works for your operation
  • Create a growth target looking into the future and learn how to reverse engineer the numbers (e.g., number of targets, meetings to book, accounts you need to secure to hit your goal) this year, next year and the year after
  • Identify ways to immediately improve your closing ratio
  • Craft a message that showcases your differentiators

Become a "Best in Class" Snow Company

Jason Pirozzolo and Liz Giblin, Associates of Glens Falls

Liz GiblinJasson-PirozzoloMore and more insurance companies are viewing snow  and ice as a service that isn’t worth the risk — and policies that are written come at a hefty price. Protect your company and improve your insurance relationship with best practices through compliance and training. This session will help you assess your risk and offer discussion and tips for how snow and ice management companies can attract the best insurance companies and rates while protecting their company and employees.

Peer-driven, role-focused insights and connections

The HUB is back for a new year of networking that puts you and your snow and ice peers in the driver’s seat to steer learning and conversation.

CEO >> Operations Management >> Sales & Estimating >> HR / Office Management >> Field Operations

Don’t mistake this event for a snack and chat — these discussions are focused less on a specific topic and more on bringing together peers focused on certain roles in snow and ice so that they can learn from each other and expand their snow and ice network in a fun, engaging and non-competitive environment.


  • Provide topic(s) you want to discuss when you register for the show.
  • At the show, meet in the room that most aligns with your role in snow and ice.
  • Participate in two rounds of discussion — based on your input and industry best practices. You’ll switch tables to be able to interact with a greater diversity of participants.
  • We’ll wrap up the event with a networking reception where all HUB attendees can leave business at the table and get to know each other on a more personal level.

Participation in The HUB is free for Full and Wednesday Day Pass registrants and brings together the Symposium’s three key value propositions in one place. Join your peers to Engage, Innovate and Elevate.

Full Schedule

Classroom Sessions

This year’s breakout sessions are a little longer and more diverse. With sessions focused on business, leadership and management, risk, HR and field operations, our hope is that owners and managers will begin to share the Symposium experience with more of their team.

Thursday, June 18 // Friday, June 19

Snow's not a beach: Move away from sand for ice management … responsibly

Gerry DuBreuil, CSP, R&D Paving

Gerry DuBreilIn many areas of North America, it’s still common to use sand as a component in ice management. Gerry will share why that practice needs a fresh approach. Using sand can damage the environment, increase cleanup costs and raise additional service concerns (while not melting the ice). Gerry will discuss options for materials, best practices and training for your team as well as how to help convert the client to a new way of thinking.

Selling the benefits of liquids

Rick Lemcke // R.M. Landscape &  Eric Bartles // Wegmans Food Markets

As more contractors begin to turn to liquids for ice management, it’s important to gain traction with clients and property managers by effectively communicating the cost and service benefits in terms that matter to them. This session will feature a conversation on how Rick, Eric and their respective teams have worked together to implement change.

Recruiting with Purpose

Zech Strauser // Strauser Nature’s Helper

Zech StrauserIn today’s world, recruiting should be very intentional. It is possible to build a trained and highly dedicated team if the recruiting process and retention efforts are built around disruption to the norm. In this interactive session, you’ll hear what is working (or has not worked) for Strauser.

Expanding Capacity through Subcontracting

Bob Marks, CSP, ASM // emi landscape and Jonathan Wise // Titans Inc.

Bob MarksWant to grow your snow presence but need to control overhead and costs or minimize risk? Subcontracting is one option for companies to increase capacity. emi landscape relies on subcontractors to help service its portfolio, whereas Jonathan Wise is building his company’s footprint by serving as a subcontractor for companies like emi landscape. In this session, emi Operations Manager Bob Marks and Jonathan will share the challenges, successes and processes for building capacity through subcontracting.

Fine-tune processes with tech tools

Brian Birch, CAE // SIMA

Brian BirchManaging the flow of business in today’s tech-laden world can be overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you from leveraging new tools to improve business workflow and solve challenges. Brian will facilitate a forum on tech tools tied to strong business processes, showing real examples from forward-thinking SIMA members who use simple tech tools to solve complex issues in HR, operations, marketing, customer service, and more! End the session with a solid list of new tools to check out when you get home.

Building a Diverse Culture: Panel

Zech Strauser // Strauser Nature’s Helper; Kimberly Khoury // Clintar; Ron Lester // Architerra; Ruben Diaz // Diaz Companies

Zech StrauserKimberly KhouryRon LesterRuben Diaz

Employees come from every walk of life and bring different experiences and perspectives that can help take your company to the next level — provided you embrace those differences and learn how to build on them. Building a culture of diversity and inclusion starts at the top. Our panelists will share how their companies have been transformed through this process and offer advice on how to build that culture successfully.

Sold! What next?

Chase Chayim Lando // Y&L Landscaping

Chase Chayim Lando Once the deal closes, what is the salesperson’s role? It’s all about understanding the individual needs of each client and being a resource for them as well as the team responsible for the service delivery. Chase will discuss the importance of understanding and managing client expectations, professionally responding to complaints, and coordinating and communicating with snow operations for successful site service. Success in each of those areas can pave a smoother path to renewal and create long-term relationships.

You've Been Served. Prepare Your Best Defense

Michael Merrill // North Country Snow & Ice Management and

Michael MerrillVery few snow companies can escape being sued for a slip and fall. But implementing key processes and protocols can help ease the pain. As a snow and ice management professional and industry consultant, Michael has seen this process play out several times. He’ll share details on how being prepared heading into the season is vital to defending yourself against real or frivolous claims.

Using Data Analytics to Reduce your Risk

Katie Raymond and Jay Menezes // Case Snow Management

Katie Raymond and Jay MenezesKatie Raymond and Jay MenezesWe live in a data driven world and snow and ice is no exception. Katie and Jay will share how to use data analytic to reduce your risk while providing snow and ice services. What data to collect, how to analyze it, use it to your advantage and when and whether to share it with your clients and insurance providers are among the topics that will be covered.

Be Prepared When Catastrophe Strikes

Douglas Freer, CSP // Blue Moose Snow and Bill Akehurst // Akehurst Landscape Service

Douglas FreerBill AkehurstWhat if your shop or offices burns to the ground? Or if the owner or a key employee dies suddenly? Could your company still function? Mitigate the impact of the devastation by creating fail safes to protect your equipment, your data, your team and your company and then communicate them across all channels.

In For the Long Haul

WL French Excavating Co.

When the client wants the snow gone from their site, it’s up to their snow specialist to make it happen. From knowing how to bid correctly and sell the service to putting in place hauling logistics and acquiring the correct equipment, hauling isn’t necessarily an easy service to provide. With years of experience, a WL French Excavating team member will walk you through the steps to building a successful program that is efficient and profitable for you and a valuable service for your clients.

A 360° Approach to Equipment Care

Richard Bevilacqua, ASM // Eastern Land Management

Richard BevilacquaThe best snow removal plans don’t mean a thing if your equipment isn’t ready to roll. Richard will share his approach to fleet management that looks at the equipment from a systematic approach regardless of fleet size. The key is implementing processes, procedures and protocols for every aspect of maintenance and preparation from before, during and after the storm and the season. It is a season-long review that has snow season starting in May instead of November.

Don’t Scare off Your Newest Team Members

Mike Scaringe and James Wilson, ASM // Skyview Landscapes

Mike Scarise and James WilsonMike Scarise and James WilsonYou thought you had prepared them — the newest members of your team who’ve never faced the uncertainty of a monster storm. Will they come back for the next one or did the experience scare them away? Your preparation, training, communication and support will be key to making sure they do. Mike Scarise of Skyview Landscapes and one of his newest employees will share their perspectives on how you can improve in those key areas to make sure you’re not left short-handed when the next storm comes.

Full Schedule

Life & Leadership

The third annual Life & Leadership Series, sponsored by Pro-Tech, features four 25-minute sessions focused on important (but often less talked about) issues. Leave your operations hat at the door and listen to personal stories that will make you think and may transform how you approach your life inside and outside of the snow industry.

Thursday, June 18

Mark ArthoferSkyline Construction’s Mark Arthofer has dodged his fair share of curveballs in life — from the loss of his sister to cancer to the threat of losing a child to a brain tumor. But Arthofer is determined to find the silver lining in every experience.

Katie RaymondKatie Raymond, director of partner relations for Case Snow Management, is determined to "have it all." But it's not easy to do in this industry — especially as mom to two young children and a position that requires excellence on multiple fronts. Relying on core values of hope, self-care, self-respect, tenacity and mental toughness. Katie will share how she found strength and solace in snow and ice and how those experiences have helped her excel as a team member and as a leader.

Michael “Mookie” WilsonA horrific car crash nearly killed Michael in 2009. His life forever changed, Michael could have given up; he refused and instead is using this life-changing experience to bring a positive energy and inspiration to others, and to remind everyone that a positive attitude and accepting support can make all the difference.

Bill AkehurstBill Akehurst is a 5th generation family member of Akehurst Landscape Service Inc., which was established in 1876 and is entering the 6th generation. Bill will explain the family’s faith-based principle for life, leadership and success using “The Joshua Principle.“ Learn the secrets of a family’s lifelong commitment to building a “Great” business by The Book. Whether you own the company or are a brand new employee, Bill’s principles will help you.

Snack & Chats

Sponsored by WeatherWorks, LLC and LMN

The most popular networking opportunity at the show is back! We’ll provide lunch on Wednesday and breakfast on Thursday, so all you have to worry about is coming prepared with questions and advice for your fellow snow professionals. Whether you are an owner, CEO, operations manager, crew leader or office personnel, you’ll find a table and a topic that applies to your area of expertise.

Wednesday, June 17 // 11:45-1:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 18 // 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Interested in serving as a snack & chat facilitator?
Visit to sign up.

2020 Symposium Sponsors

Thank you to all of our 2020 Symposium Sponsors!