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Call for Proposals

SIMA is seeking engaging proposals for educational programs.

Plan Your Submission
We suggest that you first collect your thoughts for your proposal before going to the online form. Session and workshop proposals require clear and concise titles, succinct and persuasive descriptions, and well-thought-out learning objectives/take-aways.

Once you have your ideas together, review the info below and then click on the submit button at the bottom of the page...
  • Your title should capture, in 10 words or less, who your session is for and the topic that will be covered.
  • Your description should, in 150-200 words or less, build on your title, focus on take aways, and be as persuasive and concise as possible. 
  • Your learning objectives/take-aways should put the emphasis on participants acquiring skills, rather than simply receiving knowledge.  Answer this question, “After attending this session, participants will be able to…”
  • Please note that you can submit up to two session proposals in the form. If you would like to propose more than 2, you will need to fill out the form a second time for the third/fourth sessions. No more than 4 session proposals per individual please.

Proposals now being accepted for:
  • 2018 Symposium - June 26-29, 2018 -Cleveland, OH
  • Half or full day regional events
  • Various industry trade shows, sponsored by SIMA
  • Operator training courses
  • SIMA online - quarterly webinars in 2018
The benefits of speaking include:
  • Meet and network with more members
  • Earn respect and prestige among your peers
  • Be a leader in the snow & ice management industry
  • Demonstrate your knowledge by including speaking experience in your client proposals
A commitment to speaking includes:
  • The option for one full registration to the Symposium (symposium speakers only)
  • All speakers commit to meeting key deadlines for submitting speaking agreements, materials,etc
  • Speakers commit to a 15 minute confirmation phone call and discussion with a SIMA staff person
  • Demonstrate your knowledge by including speaking experience in your client proposals

Our Process
Once proposals are submitted, the SIMA staff and the SIMA Education Committee will review all submissions. At that time, a number of criteria will be applied, including topic, speaker background, fit with educational objectives, alignment with other potential or slated sessions or events. Quite often, speakers are contacted and asked to share more information, consolidate to co-present or participate in a panel, or to provide content in another fashion. 

Questions about the process can be sent to

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