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Who is in charge of monitoring?

Mall mishap shows the importance of assigning responsibilities and documenting service restrictions.

Risk Management

Winter’s a game of risk

Plot your management strategy now for wintertime parking lot operations.

Risk Management > Insurance

Read the policy

Does your insurance actually cover your business?

Risk Management > Insurance

A tale of two sides

A look at slip and falls from the snow and ice management contractor and insurance company perspectives.


Employees at risk

Reinforce personal safety in the field during training.


Giving falls the slip

Consider the human factors in ice management planning.

Risk Management > Insurance

Are you covered?

Obtaining the “superfecta” of insurance endorsements can position your company as a desirable vendor.

Risk Management > Insurance

Claim reserves management

Diligence in monitoring can help keep insurance premiums in check.

Risk Management

Proactive planning for slip and falls

Proactive planning and developing actionable solutions at the end of winter can be beneficial for seasons to come.

Risk Management > Legal

The importance of having trusted advisors

Darryl Beckman shares some scenarios that exemplify the importance of trust and honesty in an attorney-client relationship.

Risk Management > Legal

Going off contract can be costly

Voluntarily rendering a service opens you up to liability if it is not properly executed.

Risk Management > Contracts

Know what you’re signing

Contracts from sophisticated commercial management companies and large retailers shift responsibility to contractors.

Risk Management > Legal

Put liability on ice

Monitoring, product use and timing are keys to a solid contract regarding ice control services.

Risk Management > Legal

A new legal landscape

The snow & ice industry has had to manage increasingly complex contracts, heightened risk, insurance woes and more to combat slip-and-fall liability.

Risk Management > Legal

Dissecting a liability claim

Duty principles and contract language are key in determining legal responsibility in the event of injury.

Risk Management > Contracts

Contract care

As a snow service provider, you must pay close attention to your indemnification and release of liability clause.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Adding value with ice patrol

Offering an ice watch program is a way to grow or improve your service offering and expand your business.

Risk Management > Legal

A flurry of contract questions

Heavy winter brings hot topics like avoiding liability while hauling and monitoring to the forefront.