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A forward-thinking vision

Board of directors transforms approach to SIMA’s strategy for the future


Strategic planning 101

Achieving your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is just five steps away.

Business > Human Resources

Building a powerhouse

Margin growth comes easier with the right team in place.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Measured equals managed

Without tracking sales activities, it’s impossible to see where improvements can be made.

Operations > Planning

A question of capacity

Maximize labor and equipment to help build profit in a seasonal industry.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Map it out

Chart a precise path toward sales goal accomplishments.

Risk Management

An upside to risk?

ERM theory can improve strategic planning and decision-making.

Business > Sales & Estimating


Nurturing existing relationships can ease the process of generating leads through referrals and introductions.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Bid the bid goodbye

Win business with tried-and-true selling essentials.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Grow with or without snow

Planning for future shouldn’t take a back seat to weather’s whims.

Risk Management > Legal

Breaking up the band

Addressing the pains of disgruntled, lazy or terminated business partners.

Risk Management > Contracts

What’s your Type?

Balanced contracts mutually benefit the customer and contractor.


Exit with peace of mind

Identify succession plan options that best meet your needs as an owner, and start now.

Operations > Planning

Snow operations review

The time is now to assess the current season and begin adjusting for next winter.

Business > Technology

A clearer connection

Rethinking phone operations cuts down on calls to the field team, improves customer service.


Parking lot grief

Changing design can cause headaches - and opportunities - for snow companies.


The sky’s the limit

Create a vision for your company that drills into why the goals matter, maps the course, and celebrates the successes.

Operations > Planning

Training time: step by step

Establishing and documenting standard operating procedures lays foundation for training program.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Should I stay or should I snow?

Read tips on how make winter services worth your while when snow is not a main profit center.

Risk Management > Legal

Building on the right foundation

Formalizing operations under a legal business designation depends on your goals, level of risk and future plans.

Risk Management

Risky business

To be a risk manager, you have to add dimension to the service you provide, which goes beyond simply snow and ice removal.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Science of sales

Document, test and refine the sales process for increased success.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Getting past the gatekeeper

Read four strategies for breaking the cycle of cold-call rejections.

Business > Subcontractors

Labor challenge? Consider subs

Many subcontractors can bring experience and equipment to the table.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Tread lightly in snow & ice sales

A good salesperson never assumes a client’s needs, and learns what they want (and don’t) by asking good questions.

Business > Management

Under the microscope

A postseason portfolio review will allow companies to shed unprofitable customers and identify new prospects.

Business > Management

Get ready for (next) winter!

With spring in sight, look at four areas of the snow business to plan for next year.

Business > Management

Strategy for snow and ice

Strategic planning can help you plan for the future, despite the weather.


Snow and ice facility tours

Taking tours of other companies' facilities is a great opportunity for building relationships.