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Risk Management > Service Verification

Mitigating a risky business

Documentation essential for liability and damage protections.

Risk Management > Contracts

Damage control

Proactive approach in contracts and training can help minimize liability.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Damage policy procedures

Consider these tips as you create new or review existing damage policies.

Risk Management > Insurance

Read the policy

Does your insurance actually cover your business?

Business > Management

Post-season snow site closeouts

Postseason site closeouts give contractors a last look at winter, and a look forward.


Parking lot grief

Changing design can cause headaches - and opportunities - for snow companies.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Using video for training, documentation

Review three ways using video can help your company for training and documentation purposes.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Documentation & transparency

Put your company on solid footing and help shape the industry with proper documentation.


Staking best practices

Read tips on how can you get the most out of your site staking process.

Operations > Planning

Stake Out


Marking properties can help guide operators during a storm and also shows your clients you’re caring for their sites.

Risk Management

Minimizing the damage

Accidents happen, but companies should have processes in place to mitigate the impact.

Risk Management > Contracts

Know what you’re signing

Contracts from sophisticated commercial management companies and large retailers shift responsibility to contractors.

Operations > Planning

Site Visit 101

Preseason walkthroughs are essential to setting service details and identifying possible liabilities.

Risk Management > Legal

Damage control

Good record keeping and contractual provisions can help mitigate claims.