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Inspect what you expect

Technology can provide win-win solutions for clients and snow companies.

Business > Technology

Time is money

Implementing third-party software or app requirements can be costly - you’ll need to decide if it’s worth it.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Who’s in charge here?

Unifying customer-contractor service expectations and proactively analyzing data can build trust.

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At your fingertips

Software and apps can streamline processes and improve operations.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Mitigating a risky business

Documentation essential for liability and damage protections.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Big data

Build an organized, standardized, defensible verification system.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Making it work

Implementing technology comes with headaches, opportunities.


Jam Packed

Snow Business September 2018 cover story: Suburban Snow Plow uses route density to grow in a tight Philadelphia footprint.

Risk Management > Service Verification

Service verification matters

Poor execution and lack of processes can prove costly.

Risk Management > Service Verification

A necessary evil

The benefits of service verification go beyond documentation .

Operations > Planning

Take a closer look

Site inspections should look beyond damages.

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Technology’s growing influence

Large companies and facility managers drive the use of technology in the RFP process, service verification and customer management.

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Using video for training, documentation

Review three ways using video can help your company for training and documentation purposes.

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New business technology

New technology requires a broader business vernacular - review basic terms, technology and digital tools.

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Forced into technology

When a customer requires an investment, snow professionals must weigh the true costs of implementation.