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In Contracts: 48 articles + 2 videos

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Before you sign

Look at your service agreements to identify flexibility in shifting risk.

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Who is in charge of monitoring?

Mall mishap shows the importance of assigning responsibilities and documenting service restrictions.


Summertime dues

Shedding non-winter services gives snow-only companies the chance to focus on core business year-round.

Risk Management > Contracts

What’s your Type?

Balanced contracts mutually benefit the customer and contractor.

Risk Management > Contracts

​Sealing the deal

Understanding the dynamics of the property manager-snow professional relationship can lead to successful partnerships.


State of the Industry 2017

Review industry trends, challenges, and solutions in the 2017 State of the Industry special section.


System check: Pass or fail?


Take a deep dive into any disparities or performance fluctuations.

Risk Management > Insurance

Are you covered?

Obtaining the “superfecta” of insurance endorsements can position your company as a desirable vendor.

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5 tips for advanced legal snow management

Review 5 tips to become more advanced in legal management, including itemized invoices, contract addendum management, and cease of service requests.

Risk Management > Contracts

Combating fluctuations

Identifying cost savings and tweaking your contract mix can offset the impact of a low snow season.

Risk Management

Bracing for change

Clients’ attempts to cut costs, shift liability can negatively impact snow companies.

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Snowfall amounts shouldn’t matter

Phill Sexton examines the impact of relying on snowfall amounts, and how the industry needs to look toward win-win opportunities for success.

Risk Management

Portfolio planning: Striking a balance

Finding harmony in snow contract portfolio should be an ongoing process to deliver profitability, not just viability.

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Contract scrutiny

Eight review tips that will benefit you this season.

Risk Management > Contracts

Before you sign...

A thorough review and procedures for suggesting changes can ease pain of contract negotiations.

Business > Subcontractors

It pays to play by the rules

To run a smoother operation, plan to manage risk in hiring and using subcontractors.

Risk Management > Contracts

Rebounding from El Niño

Our industry’s challenges have shifted from material costs and scarcity to overcapacity against demand. It’s time for a contract portfolio checkup.

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Going off contract can be costly

Voluntarily rendering a service opens you up to liability if it is not properly executed.

Risk Management

Minimizing the damage

Accidents happen, but companies should have processes in place to mitigate the impact.

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Put it in writing

Contractual provisions protect a company’s best interests and outline employee responsibilities.

Risk Management

Storms on the horizon

Consider the following tips to help insulate your company from the short-term impacts of weather.

Operations > Planning

Preseason prep: Avoid the cracks

Companies, especially “green to white” operations, need to take care of sometimes-forgotten details.

Risk Management > Legal

Broken connection

Failure to convey detailed instructions to subcontractors can leave companies vulnerable to lawsuits.

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Time to renew snow contracts

Renewing snow and ice contracts at the end of the season bears fruit.

Risk Management > Legal

Put liability on ice

Monitoring, product use and timing are keys to a solid contract regarding ice control services.

Risk Management > Legal

A new legal landscape

The snow & ice industry has had to manage increasingly complex contracts, heightened risk, insurance woes and more to combat slip-and-fall liability.

Risk Management > Legal

Dissecting a liability claim

Duty principles and contract language are key in determining legal responsibility in the event of injury.

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When an employee leaves the company

Non-solicitation and non-compete clauses are routine, but it’s important to know the differences and how to enforce them.

Risk Management > Contracts

Contract care

As a snow service provider, you must pay close attention to your indemnification and release of liability clause.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Adding value with ice patrol

Offering an ice watch program is a way to grow or improve your service offering and expand your business.

Business > Subcontractors

Subcontractor coverage

Companies who use subcontractors for snow-clearing need to make sure a sound legal document is in place that outlines the responsibilities of the subcontract.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Sign on the dotted line

Contractors and clients both benefit with early contract commitments.

Operations > Planning

Preparing for winter

September 2014 Snow Business cover story: For Eastern Land Management, it's all hands on deck as its team prepares for winter.

Ice Management > Chemicals & Equipment

Adding liquids to your operations

Dale Keep shares how to adjust ice management procedures to deal with salt supply shortages.

Risk Management > Legal

Legal mistakes to avoid in snow and ice

Snow Business legal columnist Darryl Beckman shares six common mistakes for snow & ice management professionals to avoid.

Risk Management > Legal

Legal spring cleaning

Postseason is a perfect time to evaluate contracts, insurance policies and subcontractors, and to visit with clients on site.

Ice Management

Managing unusual ice formations

Unusual ice formations can heighten liability possibilities - read tips on how to manage them.

Risk Management > Legal

A flurry of contract questions

Heavy winter brings hot topics like avoiding liability while hauling and monitoring to the forefront.

Business > Sales & Estimating

Reverse auctions for snow removal

Get some tips on the concept of a reverse auction for snow removal services.

Risk Management > Insurance

Snow and ice insurance risk

Make your snow and ice management company a better risk for insurance.