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Standard Practice for Procuring
and Planning Snow and Ice
Management Services


Standard Practice Cover

All parties related to commercial snow and ice management are constantly pushed to maintain higher levels of service, manage environmental impact, and mitigate slip and fall liability.

Only through cooperation and adherence to standards between facilities management/owners and snow contractors will the industry be able to keep sites open, reduce environmental impact, and manage the threat of slip and falls effectively.

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The Standard Practice for Procuring and Planning Snow and Ice Management Services was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard.

It covers the following:

General Procurement

This section includes recommended minimum contract term lengths, optimal contract award dates, and general information related to the use of subcontractors.

Level of Service (LOS) &
Scope of Work (SOW)

This section focuses on descriptions of desired outcomes, service timeframes, and service priorities related to LOS. It also emphasizes guidelines for SOW, including site assessment and inspection recommendations and more.

Monitoring Procedures & Documentation

This section highlights minimum guidelines for service documentation/reporting, billing requirements, technology requirements, service controls and decision-making, and communication processes.

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