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Salt Management Matters
Sustainable salt contractors

Salt management is everyone's responsibility

Salt is an abundant resource, and each winter property owners, facility managers, and snow contractors often encourage over-application of salt, due to liability concerns related to slip and fall claims and
injuries. Over-salting is having an impact on the cost of the service, on our environment, and on our infrastructure. The Sustainable Salt Initiative (SSI) is putting technology, science, and leadership to work to help snow contractors, and their customers, understand where snow management and sustainability meet.

Technology     Technology

SSI research participants utilize cutting edge technology to automate the tracking of salt outputs from their equipment on sites they service. SSI technology is provided by Viaesys.
  • Automation creates efficiency in service
  • Better salt management reduces over-application of salt over time  
  • Efficiency and accurate measuring creates more accountability

Science    Science

SIMA and Viaesys are working together to research application rates for snow professionals in real-world settings. This information will be coupled with research conducted at the University of Waterloo by Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots, Platforms, and Sidewalks (SICOPS) to determine a helpful set of recommendations for salt applications that make business sense and proactively address environmental concerns associated with over-application.

Leadership    Leadership

SSI research participants are leaders in the snow management industry from across the US and Canada. They are the backbone of this innovative, real-world salt application research study, and will provide essential in-the-field data that will enable a more thorough and realistic understanding of the appropriate salt application methods at facilities. These leaders will also benefit from the following:
  • Accolades: Recognition from their peers in the industry through SIMA
  • Service Improvement: Ability to compare their salt output statistics to industry averages
  • Skilled Workforce: A set of operations employees who will be trained in salt efficiency
  • Better Documentation: Accurate and consistent tracking of salt usage

Sustainable Salt Initiative is a collaboration between:

The Snow & Ice Management Association is a North American trade association for snow & ice industry professionals. SIMA is supporting the initiative with funding and staff time.
Vaiesys logo

Viaesys is a web-based field crew management system offering work order management, time tracking, GPS, and fully automated material tracking. Viaesys is volunteering time to the initiative.