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Insurance help for SIMA Members

SIMA has conducted in-depth surveys and talked with hundreds of snow contractors about their needs and challenges in obtaining adequate and affordable insurance coverage to protect their businesses. What we have learned is that SIMA members prefer to have options to conduct a complete analysis of their insurance needs.

Access insurance companies with experience in the snow and ice industry:

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As part of the SIMA member marketing kit, members can download a high quality print brochure to inform and educate insurance stakeholders. It also includes information about the Certified Snow Professional and Advanced Snow Management programs.

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Insurance is a Must in Snow and Ice

There are several types of insurance, any company operating snow removal needs to be adequately covered in case of a slip and fall claim! It is illegal to do work without insurance. Types of insurance include:

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers people who may be found liable for negligence.  For example, if someone slips, falls and breaks a leg in a parking lot that has just been plowed and deiced, the person may then sue the snowplowing company for damages. A common mistake is to assume that your landscaping or other core business liability insurance covers losses for snow removal. It is up to the business owner to make sure that liability policies cover snow removal, and many properties require coverage of up to $1 Million, $2 Million or more. Make sure you check your policy!

Home-Based Business Coverage

Owners of small snowplowing companies who operate out of their home usually do not have adequate coverage in their regular homeowner's policy.This coverage can be increased by adding a "rider", but usually a home-based business policy will be necessary.


Almost anything is insurable.  For example, a fidelity bond insures against employee dishonesty.  Disability insurance replaces part of your income if you become disabled and unable to work.  A surety bond covers losses resulting from a second party's failure to fulfill a contract.  Non-performance loss protection insures against failure of a contractor, supplier or other person to fulfill an obligation.  Owner or key executive insurance enables businesses of sole proprietor or partnerships to pay bills and continue operating.  When considering insurance, check with an insurance agent to see what type of coverage would be appropriate and if the premiums are worth the risk of investing funds to cover the risk.

Although the list of things that can be insured is inexhaustible, there are four major categories of insurance: property, life, health, and liability.


Get a list of agents, brokers and direct providers who have experience and knowledge in offering insurance coverage to snow and ice contractors. From a variety of business coverage, to auto, health and specialty products, these companies can provide you with competitive premium quotes for the coverage you need. We encourage you to contact any of the providers listed and reference SIMA. They are ready to help protect you and your business.