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Standard Glossary of Terms | Updates

Standard Glossary of Terms | Recent Updates

From Spring 2017 through Fall 2017, the SIMA Best Practices Committee reviewed numerous terms and recommendations related to the SIMA Standard Glossary of Terms. The review included discussion related to new SIMA projects in which potential modifications may be warranted, as well as a call to the industry at large to submit changes/suggestions in writing to SIMA. The following changes were completed in December 2017. Please review the changes and download the new version of the Glossary below.

  • The term 'Multi-hinge Plow' was removed from the glossary, as it may create confusion and is too generic to be useful.
Modifications of existing terms
  • The phrase 'A Service Initiator (see glossary definition)' was added to the beginning of the definitions for 'Accumulation Threshold' and 'Trigger Depth' to fully identify these two items as specific/common Service Initiators within the industry.
  • The definition for 'Cycle Time' was updated to: The estimated time it takes to service a site, service area, or route once (aka a single cycle). Cycle Time is influenced by a variety of factors, including Level of Service and production rate(s).
  • The term 'Per Occurrence' was changed to 'Per Service,' as Per Service is the more widely used term, with Per Occurrence remaining in the definition as a synonym. The word 'Service' was also removed from the terms 'Per Season' and 'Per Event' to avoid confusion.
  • The term 'Service Level Agreement (SLA) was added as a synonym to the definition for 'Level of Service.'
  • The term 'Hourly' was added as a synonym to the definition for 'Time and Materials.
New terms added 
  • Service Initiator: A contractually defined start of one or more snow services (plowing, deicing, snow relocation, etc.). Service Initiators can take many forms, including Trigger Depth (see glossary definition); Accumulation Threshold(s) (see glossary definition); weather forecast; written request by a client; automated or tech-enabled “service request” or work order; experienced judgment by a snow professional (site inspection, ice watch, etc.).
  • Bare Pavement Regain / Recovery Time (BPRT): The amount of time elapsed to expose at least 80% of a paved surface from snow & ice accumulation. (Hosseini, Hossain, Fu, San Gabriel, & Seters, 2015).
  • Bucking the Windrow: A snow plowing technique where two pieces of plowing equipment work in tandem. One piece of equipment plows straight lines across an area, while the second cuts a perpendicular swath across the windrows created by the first piece of equipment, with a goal of reducing the volume of snow load for each pass. Copyright Snow & Ice Management Association 2017.
  • Direct Liquid Application (DLA): The process of applying a liquid deicer directly to a surface. (Sexton/Witt Advisers 2017; Pam Buckley/Douglas Dynamics 2017; Roads & Bridges magazine September 2011 issue, article ‘Liquid Only Diet’ by Brian Hirt; Clear Roads Manual of Best Management Practices for Road Salt in Winter Maintenance, Wilf Nixon, PhD, Mark DeVries, 2015)
Download the updated Glossary here