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SIMA Best Practices Guidelines | Recommendation Form

SIMA Best Practices Guidelines: Comments & Recommendations

As a non-profit trade association, we value creating standards that are easily accessed, adopted and shared, and managed and improved over time. With this in mind, any industry participant or associated stakeholder can submit comments or recommend edits to any of SIMA's best practices guidelines documents. Please use the form below to share your recommendation. Any questions on recommendations can be emailed to

Individual and Company Information

Comment or Recommendation for Edit Information

Which best practices guidelines document would you like to share a comment or recommended edit on? Check all that apply. If you are making a general comment about best practices, select 'General Best Practices comment'

Recommendation and decision process: SIMA will conduct annual reviews of all best practices guidelines docuements. Recommendation submissions will also be considered during this time. The review will be documented, and a timeline established for any action items, updates, or changes that are recommended during that review. Individuals submitting recommendations will be notified of a decision within 30 days after each review period. SIMA is under no obligation to edit or change the timeline based on recommendations.


Recommendation Policies

I understand the recommendation process for SIMA's best practices guidelines documents.