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SIMA broadens accessibility with Spanish resources

  • Cheryl Higley
- Posted: March 5, 2020

Last fall, SIMA surveyed members and Snow Business readers to gauge interest in training resources and other content presented in Spanish. That survey, along with conversations I and other SIMA staffers have had with members, reinforced my belief that we need to increase our efforts to build and market these resources to help companies break down barriers that are limiting their ability to educate and empower their workforce. 

Content creation

During 2020, we will continue to add new and convert existing content in the magazine and online in the Training Center at

New Tear & Teach: Our first initiative can be found between Pages 40-41, where you’ll see our revamped Tear & Teach. We’ve changed the format based on feedback that members wanted this tool to be more portable and structured like a traditional tailgate talk. One side will be presented in English and the other side will be in Spanish. Thank you to Western, Fisher and SnowEx for their support of this project. 

Snow Safety Boot Camp: One of our most popular members-only resources is our Snow Safety Boot Camp course. This course material is being translated and the webinar portion will be recorded in Spanish. Once done, members will be able to access this on-demand resource for free at Sign up to get notified when the course goes live at

In-person events

Another area we will explore is the creation of in-person events such as sessions at the Snow & Ice Symposium or smaller regional events like the Field Operations Workshop & Leadership Event.

SIMA CEO Martin Tirado and I will lead a focus group on this during the 23rd Annual Snow & Ice Symposium. Help us shape the conversation by sharing your feedback in a survey, where you will have the option to add your name to the list to be considered for the focus group at the show. 

Cheryl Higley is Director of Education & Content for SIMA. Email her at or call 262-236-9972.
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