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Use the cloud to help with snow

  • SIMA
- Posted: February 3, 2020

For a growing snow and ice management company, managing calls can pose quite a problem. 

During normal days, handling customer phone calls and emails is pretty easy; but when a storm rolls through, your phone’s probably ringing off the hook before the storm even hits. Unfortunately, clients likely rarely care about your operation or consider that you have other clients. They want their property taken care of “RIGHT NOW!”

If this is the case, a cloud-based phone system may solve your problem. Follow these three principles to get your client communications on the right track.

Make communication a priority

If you have limited resources and a tight budget, you can’t just throw bodies at it (or outsource) like some companies. You have to use technology to your advantage. The phone system is a great place to start. Don’t make your phone system an oversight because you’re focused on other aspects of the business.

It’s not enough to have a basic menu and have calls routed. It will be frustrating for your clients who are looking for quick action. The last thing anyone wants is to handle a call from an unhappy customer.

Cloud-based phone system

Many of these systems allow you to create a number of auto attendants, which are menus that play a greeting and allow the caller to choose from various options. You can also create call groups, so only certain phone numbers and extensions ring based on a client’s selection from the auto attendant.

Make it simple

Create a new menu that could be turned on for winter weather service events. Customize the messaging, and make sure the options cover everything your clients would want to discuss. This will result in fewer calls to field teams and clients will appreciate timely callbacks to their messages with a realistic answer.

If implemented correctly, it will be a huge win for business. There are low or no upfront system purchase costs, no maintenance or upgrades required, and it’s easy to add new users and features by yourself. 

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