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Growing Day: Enviroscapes’ Staff Appreciation

  • Michael Freeze
- Posted: October 8, 2019

Enviroscapes CEO Todd Pugh requires his employees to wear the green logo namesake on their uniforms and hats. It’s commonplace for any business; however, Pugh feels it’s much deeper than “common.” 

 “It’s an important part of the culture. They put that uniform on and it’s your jersey,” he said. “The Dallas Cowboys don’t have six different helmets on, and neither should we. That’s why we wear the same hat, same shirt. We look the same because we are a team.”

Pugh incorporates a list of core values that make up the acronym “G.R.O.W.I.N.G”:

Get Growing

Raise the Bar

Own it

Win the Day

Innovate and Inspire 

Nurture all Relationships

Good in God’s Eyes

Pugh and his staff carry a card with that acronym along with the company’s vision, mission and social responsibility. He’s always instilled those values in his personal life and made sure to set that exact tone within the company.

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“The speed of the leader is the speed of the team in every one of our locations. If the manager is not good, then the branch isn’t good. If I’m not good, the company is not good,” Pugh said. “Every business owner has the business they deserve. They build it. They agree to everything that is going on. If people start complaining about their business, then you got what you deserve. The owners of the company have more influence than they think.”

Pugh has taken his influence and used it to highlight his employees. Every year, he closes his business for one day to bring all employees together for “Growing Day.” Held at the main office, Pugh uses the time to speak un the progress of Enviroscapes, the accomplishments of its employees and caps the day off with a motivational speaker. 

“We brought in speakers from other industries. They were business owners but they started ground level from somewhere,” he said. “They share their journey with us and my hope is that one person can connect with their story and say ‘I think I can do this.’ ”

Pugh said Growing Day serves as a reminder to his employees that management cares for its staff’s well-being, to become aware of the scope the company and to build the overall team morale. In the future, he hopes to turn the event into a recruiting tool for employees to invite their family and friends, including kid-friendly events and hands-on training. 

“We want more people like ourselves to work here,” Pugh said. “Bring your friends, family and children. If we can’t create a better work environment for them to want to do that, then shame on us.”

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