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SIMA creates regional field operations training program

  • Cheryl Higley
- Posted: December 12, 2018

There’s a chill in the air but at SIMA we’re turning up the heat on education planning for 2019. Session decisions for June’s Snow & Ice Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI, are complete. Look for the brochure in the February issue of Snow Business.

What we’re especially excited about is a plan to improve and expand upon last year’s Best Practices Skills Competition. The event was a good start but we want to kick it up a notch and create an educational component that we are confident will help our members address a key issue in their companies — access to affordable and focused training for their operations team.

Member feedback has indicated that time and money are key barriers to training their skill positions. Managers and owners, particularly those with landscape operations, have indicated they cannot afford to have their teams out of the field for three days to attend the Symposium. We believe one-day training is a better fit and are creating an event that will be a signature component of our 2019 education strategy.

Taking the show on the road

SIMA will launch its Field Operations Workshop & Equipment Skills Rodeo on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. It will take place at the Symposium and serve as the first run of what we hope will become a stand-alone regional training program. The long-term goal is to bring the training to you by creating a turnkey program that we can deliver anywhere in Canada or the United States in conjunction with key sponsors and member companies.

Though the curriculum is still under construction, the one-day program is expected to be fully focused on operator education, equipment skill and peer networking. Space will be limited to ensure quality education and hands-on opportunities.

Properly trained teams will help member companies build a stronger educated workforce, which can lead to improved retention. Our goal is to help build programs that provide stepping stones to a long career in snow and ice. From regional training to an improved Leadership Academy and our continuous focus on our Advanced Snow Manager and Certified Snow Professional standards of excellence, we are dedicated to building programs of value that will make SIMA your go-to partner in snow and ice education.

Cheryl Higley is Director of Education & Content for SIMA. Comments on how we can meet your education and training needs are welcome at

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