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Give falls the slip with good site engineering

  • SIMA
- Posted: September 11, 2018
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Conducting risk assessments and comprehensive site engineering for snow removal, and then properly training your teams on the expected level of service, can ease the possibility a pedestrian will fall on site. Pay extra attention to these areas:

1. Black ice. Black ice can occur in many different spots, particularly when sites are subject to melt/refreeze conditions. Your contracted level of service and scope of work should include who is responsible for ice patrol and how follow-up treatment will be managed.
2. Steps/curbs. Crews should be properly trained to service these areas, and extra care should be given to the curb lines to prevent snow/ice buildup where pedestrians would step from the curb/steps into the parking lot/walkway. 

3. Runoff sites. Identify hazards that don’t look ominous when it’s not snowing but could cause big problems during the winter (e.g., drainage spouts, gutters, drains that flow directly onto the pavement, awnings, etc.). Make note of these areas and propose solutions to the property owner/facility manager.    
4. Parking spaces. Shifting weight and balance can be an issue as people get into or out of their cars when snow and ice is present. Pay close attention to areas like cart corrals, dumpsters, etc., and standalone hazards where it is possible to remove snow and ice.

5. Walkways. Risks could include hidden depressions, the type of surface (asphalt, concrete, pavers), black ice, snow and ice buildup, transitions from dry store entrances into the elements, etc. Properly train your walkway crews to clear snow and ice and encourage property management to post “slippery when wet/freezing” signs or other markers to alert pedestrians that hazardous conditions are present. 

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