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6 things to check on your plow while you fuel up

  • SIMA
- Posted: April 30, 2018

Stopping for gas is often a necessary speedbump during a marathon plowing session. Here are some quick things to do while the fuel is flowing to make sure your plow is ready to get back out there. These easy bits of preventive maintenance can save you countless time, money, and frustration down the road:

1. Check your hoses. Check the routing and look for any leaks, signs of wear, or spots where the hoses are touching other parts of the plow. Make a note to get anything you can’t fix on the spot taken care of as soon as possible.

2. Tighten your thumb screws. If you have a V-Plow make sure the screws holding the covers on are secured tight. Replacing a cover because the screws fell out on the road is an expensive and easily preventable setback.

3. Look at your cutting edge and shoes. Assess the cutting edge for signs of uneven wear. Make sure the shoes aren’t worn down and can still do their job. Fatigued parts can expose your plow to damage and should be replaced.

4. Check your spring tension. Make sure your trip springs are properly calibrated. A loose spring can cause the trip mechanism to malfunction, leaving your plow vulnerable to damage every time it tries to trip.

5. Make sure your pins are attached and in position. If your pins aren’t properly positioned the plow may disengage and damage the mounting. Check now so you’re not in for a nasty surprise later.

6. Wipe down and inspect your plow lights. Clean the lights to maximize your road visibility. While you’re cleaning you can also make sure the housings are tight and no wiring or electrical components are exposed.
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