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Off-season plow storage

  • SIMA
- Posted: April 2, 2018

The snow may finally be in the rearview mirror for most of us, which means it's time to think about storage.

Before you remove the plow from your truck:

  1. Extend and grease all chrome cylinder rods. Fully compress all cylinders where possible. Greasing the cylinder rods and then compressing the cylinders will help to protect them from rust during summer storage.

After you remove the plow from your truck:

  1. Coat all electrical connection points with dielectric grease. This protects connection points from corrosion.

  2. Apply a coat of oil or grease to all pivot points on your plow, including the A-frame, angle cylinder, and trip springs. Also grease all fittings on trip pins and on the kingpin/hinge.

  3. Repair and touch up any chipped paint or rusted areas on your plow to prevent further rusting during the off-season. If your plow is made of stainless steel, you may want to apply a light coat of mineral oil to protect the surface.

  4. Don’t change the oil. Wait until you bring it out of storage next winter so you can start the season with fresh oil.

  5. Store your plow indoors or on a pallet under a cover.
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