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In-Season Spreader Maintenance

  • SIMA
- Posted: February 6, 2018

Keep your spreaders in tip-top shape by following these tips:

1. Use compatible material. Make sure that you use the appropriate material for your auger-, chain-, or gravity-fed system. Hint: You can buy an alternate auger for some spreaders for use with fine materials like calcium chloride.

2. Put it away empty. Remove any material left in the spreader at the end of the day, and load it fresh right before you hit the road. Material can clump or freeze in frigid weather. That can give you serious issues with spreader operation.

3. Keep it clean. Power wash and dry your spreader after every use. Salt and deicing materials are corrosive and can damage your spreader. Hint: While you clean, inspect the spreader and tighten any loose fasteners. Make the small repairs before they become bigger issues.

4. Keep it lubricated. Grease all moving parts and electrical connectors/terminals as recommended by the manufacturer. This will prolong the life of the parts, and ultimately your spreader. Many manufacturers recommend that you lubricate bearings every 7-10 hours of operation.

5. Care for your controller. The controller should be stored indoors in a dry, cool place. Take it inside between uses in extreme temperatures.

6. Use the manual. Good spreader maintenance will vary based on spreader construction. Your owner’s manual is always your best resource to optimize spreader upkeep and settings.

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