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Shoveling safety

  • SIMA
- Posted: January 11, 2018
The proof is in the details, and your shovel crews play a key role in making sure your snow and ice management service plan is executed properly. Unfortunately, their work must be completed in less than ideal conditions, open to the elements and other hazards. Train your teams on the following five tips to help keep them safe:
Lifting: Stretch before beginning operations to avoid injury. Use proper lifting and clearing techniques that use the legs and not the back.
PPE: Protection from the cold is essential. Ensure crews are outfitted with the proper personal protective equipment, including insulated boots and gloves, layers of warm clothes, waterproof jackets, socks that wick moisture and hats. Reflective clothing should be worn to alert drivers to their presence in low visibility conditions. Safety glasses and ear protection should be used if power equipment is being used.
Look down: Uneven surfaces hidden under snow can be a trip and fall hazard and can also catch the edge of a shovel causing injury.
Look up: Be cautious of low-hanging branches, signs or structures that could impede operations. In addition, beware of falling snow or ice from rooftops and awnings.
Traffic: When clearing sidewalks, face oncoming traffic whenever possible.

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