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Happy workplace equals reduced costs

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- Posted: September 20, 2017
By Jared Perkoski

Having an upbeat, positive work environment can save you money on your insurance. What does insurance have to do with company morale? Office culture has a lot to do with the amount and severity of claims.

Often, when I walk into the office of a new prospect I can glean a good idea of what their claims history is going to be. Are the people upbeat and smiling, or do they look like it’s the last place on Earth they want to be? This is just a generalization, and certainly unavoidable claims occur at businesses with an extremely positive culture. However, many times the office culture is reflected on the loss runs, which directly affects insurance premiums.

Weighing the outcomes

The chart below shows an example of how the situation may play out in different cultures after an employee sprains his ankle at work.

The example involved workers’ compensation insurance; however, similar scenarios exist for other lines such as General Liability, Auto or Property.

Unhappy workers tend to be more careless and do not think of how their actions affect the company and their co-workers. Happy and content employees usually work safer because they want the company to be successful.

A positive work environment will not only help to decrease a business’s insurance premiums but it will also greatly reduce other costs associated with accidents. This will result in a more profitable business.

Jared Perkoski is a risk advisor for FB Insure. Contact him at 508-695-1441 or email
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