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Pre-season equipment preparation

  • SIMA
- Posted: September 5, 2017


Before the snow flies, all snow companies should conduct comprehensive pre-season equipment prep to minimize damage and the need for repairs and downtime. Here are some tips:

Hydraulic System Inspection & Service

  • Change operation fluid in both main power unit and angle cylinders
  • Inspect hoses for dry rot, cracks, or pressure bubbles, couplers if applicable
  • Clean out or replace internal filter or strainer
  • Check all fittings to make sure they are tight and don’t have any leaks

Electrical System

  • Inspect all connections to both plow and vehicle harness for broken terminals, corrosion, and overall quality of connections
  • Coat each connection with dielectric grease
  • Check solenoid operation and connection
  • Test vehicle battery

General Areas of Service

  • Grease all moving/pivot points
  • Adjust trip springs and replace if needed
  • Check and tighten “nuts & bolts” on both plow assembly and vehicle mount
  • Inspect/replace cutting edge
  • Adjust plow lights
If you didn’t this year, establish a drop-dead date for all preseason work to be completed and work backward to establish a timeline so all maintenance employees are clear on expectations. Don’t forget to order parts and build basic repair kits to be placed in plow trucks so in the event of a breakdown, your equipment can be back and running quickly.

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