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Employees at risk

  • SIMA
- Posted: August 28, 2017
With a focus on making sites safe for others, workers may neglect their own safety. According to a SIMA survey, most injuries were suffered during the very incident they work to prevent: slip and falls. Employees arrive on sites when they are most dangerous. All the more reason for proper training and reinforcement procedures to be followed. To properly care for our clients, workers must first care for themselves.
Injury costs add up
According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts 2015 Edition, the average total incurred workers’ compensation claims cost for a sprain/strain injury was $31,521. Looking specifically at the back, where many injuries occur due to improper lifting, the average claim cost $38,492 for the lower back and $34,297 for the upper back. The study also noted that 37% of cases with days away from work were from overexertion or bodily reaction, followed by contact with objects and equipment (25%) and slips, falls and trips (24%). Diligence in training, retraining and reinforcement of safety regulations is essential to lower incidence rates.InjuryCosts


Root causes
The majority of survey respondents cited sleep deprivation as the No. 1 cause of field accidents. Lack of sleep impairs reflexes, reaction time, judgment, vision, information processing, short-term memory, performance, motivation, vigilance and patience. It is imperative that companies have plans in place to rest employees during long storms and that they are trained to recognize warning signs.

Download the Employee Safety Best Practices Tear and Teach document here

Sources: Snow Business, National Safety Council, SIMA training resources.
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