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Light it up, legally

  • SIMA
- Posted: December 19, 2016
Winter is upon us, and snow and ice professionals should have their equipment properly outfitted with legal lights. Use of strobe lighting on snowplow vehicles is governed by state and/or local municipality ordinance.

Here are some tips to take to make sure your equipment is in compliance:
  • Private snow vehicles are usually prohibited from utilizing strobe or flashing lights while traveling on the roadway - unless operating on behalf of a municipality. If you don’t know the law, check with your local police department on what type of lights and use are allowed.
  • Know your colors. Some laws not only regulate the use of the lighting but also the color of lights that can be used on private snow vehicles.
  • Know what lights are required to ensure your plow vehicle is in compliance, including backup lights, license plate illumination, plow lights, etc.
  • Add proper light use into your safety team’s toolbox talk and/or operator’s manual.
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