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Using video for training, documentation

  • SIMA
- Posted: November 17, 2016
Photo documentation denoting site conditions and proof of service is an established best practice for the snow and ice management industry. Companies are taking this task a step further by using videos vs. still images. Here are three ways using video can help your company:

1. During the preseason inspection, walk the site and provide a running commentary to identify any pre-existing damage and/or areas of concern that could impact your ability to safely and effectively deliver service. Perform the same inspection postseason.

2. Videos are a useful tool during preseason training. Watching a video on how to safely service sidewalks or plow a parking lot, for example, is one training component. Add another level by shooting video recordings of your crews in action. While the video hopefully would show your team following the training and your instructions, it would also identify incorrect procedures and serve as a teachable moment. Sometimes, seeing is believing.

3. Videoing operations can validate to your customers that you were on site when you said you were. They can also be used to show clients problems or issues on site that limited your ability to service (cars in parking lots, scattered grocery carts, etc.). It can also be used as evidence with insurance and legal issues that may arise.

Recording operations needn’t be a costly or complicated process. Smartphones can be used, provided there is a date/time stamp. As with photos, make sure there are proper site and company identifiers. Videos can be stored in the cloud or on a site like Dropbox that allows you to file by date, site, etc. Documentation with photographs is beneficial, but using video may provide a layer of context that may be missing from taking a still photo.

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