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Off-season marketing

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- Posted: July 12, 2016
By Garrett Smith
With another season in the books, it’s time to relax and enjoy the summer. At least that’s what everyone else thinks. But the best in the business know next season has already begun.

While you may have already taken stock of your equipment and materials and started your repairs, you need to evaluate more than your tangible assets. The offseason is also the perfect time to review your marketing and strategize for growth during the upcoming season.

Inspecting your efforts
When evaluating your marketing efforts and assessing what needs repaired, you simply need to know what to look for and where (just like a good mechanic). With that in mind, here’s an Offseason Marketing Checklist you can follow to take stock of the marketing basics. It’ll help repair problems and tune up your revenue engines for ultimate success.

Off-season marketing checklist

Leads and Opportunities
  • Company has a defined strategy for consistent customer acquisition.
  • Company marketing campaigns are tracked using analytics or manual reporting.
  • Company website contact and lead forms are integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) system.
Website Management
  • Website is built on top of a modern content management system (CMS).
  • Website has modern design and works correctly on all three screens
    (desktop, laptop, mobile).
  • Website has been claimed and verified with major search engines.
Search Engine Optimization
  • Company has conducted keyword research and targeted keywords selected.
  • Website is optimized for targeted keywords and does not have any technical
    SEO issues.
  • Company is actively monitoring target keyword ranking performance.
Content Marketing
  • Company has a defined content calendar for updating the website and blog.
  • Published content is automatically being posted on company social media.
  • Team is posting at least one new page or post per month.
Social Media
  • Company social media profiles have been claimed and optimized for the brand.
  • Company has implemented social media software to manage major profiles.
  • Team is posting at least once per day and actively monitoring activity on major profiles.
Email Marketing
  • Company is collecting existing customer and new lead email addresses for marketing purposes.
  • Company is using email marketing software to send emails to customers.
  • Team is sending email newsletters to customers at least once per quarter.
  • Executive leaders speak with at least one customer every week.
  • Team is responsible for collecting and documenting customer feedback.
  • A team member is assigned to and accountable for customer feedback.
Garrett Smith is founder of WNY Snow Removal in Orchard Park, NY, and Pitch+Pivot, a sales and marketing agency for startup companies. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @garrettsmith.
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